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Electric Powered Forklifts MATERIAL HANDLING stronger together

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The new Toyota Traigo 24 Safety – Productivity – Durability – Driveability The new Toyota Traigo 24 range of 3-wheel electric forklifts delivers just the right balance of compactness and power. Designed to help drivers feel at home while navigating safely and efficiently in tight spaces, the Toyota Traigo 24 combines thoughtful design with advanced engineering in a 24-volt truck that is easy-to-drive and highly durable. Toyota Traigo 24 draws on Toyota’s extensive research into European electric forklift customer needs to deliver class-leading value in four key areas: Safety, Productivity,...

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Toyota Traigo 24 - Safety Putting Safety First The new Toyota Traigo 24 combines driver-focused design with advanced safety technology to help protect forklift operators, goods and the workplace – saving you time and money. Vehicle and load stability Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS) is the world’s first active system for controlling forklift stability. By protecting the operator and load when the truck is driving, turning and lifting, SAS provides advanced technological support for safe operating practices. In addition, drive speed optimisation with lifted loads keeps trucks...

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Toyota Traigo 24 - Safety Forward visibility Upward visibility Designed for optimal visibility, Toyota Traigo 24’s overhead guard the Toyota Traigo 24 mast gives provides clearer upward visibility operators an excellent view of their when handling loads at height. work environment for safe, confident driving and load handling. Control on ramps Toyota Traigo 24 also supports safe operation when driving on ramps. An active system helps prevent the truck from rolling backwards or forwards when the operator’s foot is briefly removed from the pedal. The truck holds its position momentarily until...

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Toyota Traigo 24 - Productivity Productivity – for better profitability Toyota Traigo 24 with Toyota AC2 power delivers faster cycle times and better productivity all day long. Easy battery exchange also makes Traigo 24 suitable for use in multishift applications. More power to you Building on Toyota’s expertise in electric power systems, the exclusive Toyota AC2 power system combines electric motors and controllers for optimal compatibility and higher drive and lifting speeds. With three power modes – Standard, Power, and High – the AC2 Power Select function lets operators choose the right...

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Toyota Traigo 24 - Productivity

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Toyota Traigo 24 - Durability

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Toyota Traigo 24 - Durability Toyota durability you can count on Toyota Traigo 24 has a rugged exterior designed for demanding work environments. And because Traigo 24 is produced using the Toyota Production System (TPS), its built-in quality is assured by the world’s most renowned manufacturing system. Built to last Toyota Traigo 24 is designed to deliver years of worry-free operation – saving you time and money with its reliable performance. The truck’s thick metal exterior panels are designed to withstand the demands of tough applications. From the use of Toyota components to the...

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Toyota Traigo 24 - Driveability Driveability – smooth interaction between driver and machine Toyota Traigo 24 is built with the operator in mind. From its ergonomic design to its all-round compact size, Toyota Traigo 24 is a pleasure to drive even where space is limited. More comfort – better performance Materials handling efficiency depends on outstanding performance from both operators and equipment. The Toyota Traigo 24 safeguards operator ergonomics to keep drivers working at top efficiency and comfort. When you enter the driver compartment, the low, wide step with its non-slip surface...

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Toyota Traigo 24 - Environment Environment Getting the job done with minimum impact on our environment is a challenge Toyota takes very seriously. The new Toyota Traigo 24 demonstrates this commitment. It raises the bar for performance and environmental responsibility in the materials handling industry. Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) believes that environmental responsibility is a cornerstone of good business practice. We design-in environmental improvements in our equipment and processes to limit environmental impact throughout the four product life cycle stages: development,...

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Empowering your business Service Solutions Rental Solutions Toyota I_Site A stronger network At Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE), we know our role as your reliable business partner does not end when we deliver your new trucks. That’s why we have developed an extensive service and solutions offer, including Service Solutions, Rental Solutions and Toyota I_Site. Our Service Solutions are designed to help keep your equipment working at peak efficiency, letting you focus on your core business. You can choose the optimal solution for your specific needs from a range of flexible service...

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Materials Handling for Europe Over the years, Toyota has developed a strong European presence, establishing close geographic links with its customers in order to better respond to their needs. With operations in more than 30 countries, Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) has European Office functions based in Ancenis (France), Bologna (Italy), Brussels (Belgium) and Mjölby/Linköping (Sweden) and production centres in Ancenis, Bologna and Mjölby. Toyota Material Handling Group Toyota Material Handling Group is the materials handling division of Toyota Industries Corporation, with...

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Choose the features that suit your needs Safety Standard Option SAS speed reduction when cornering x SAS mast front tilt angle control x SAS mast front and rear tilt speed control x SAS active steering synchroniser x Operator Presence Sensing (OPS) x Low speed setting (turtle) x Maximum drive speed reduction with lifted load x Acceleration reduction with lifted load x Mast tilt indicator x Pin code entry system x Productivity Standard Option Different types of pedal layout x Durability Standard Option Rugged exterior body x Maintenance hour meter x Manufactured using the Toyota Production...

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