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Materials Handling for Europe Toyota Material Handling Europe aims to be close to every one of its customers, and organises its network accordingly. Wherever your business is located, we are never far away. System of Active Stability Toyota Material Handling Europe's innovative spirit has produced numerous technological break-throughs. Our innovations have significantly improved the safety, ergonomics, and productivity in materials handling. This spirit has created one of the industry's most advanced product ranges. SAS - Only Toyota trucks with SAS know how to drive down costs Toyota forklift trucks equipped with SAS use intelligent technologies to reduce your driver and damage costs. It all adds up to a significant reduction in your overall truck operating expenses. And because downtime is reduced and workflow is faster, your productivity increases as well. Only Toyota trucks with SAS know how to move loads safely and drive down costs. AC2 Power System - Higher productivity Toyota's AC2 technology maximises power management and ensures optimum working efficiency. Our AC electric motors improve cycle time productivity with the integration of the AC2 Power System, which combines a compact AC motor and sophisticated controller to offer high power with precise control. Powerdrive - Where man meets machine The BT Powerdrive system is a unique integration of electronic controls, CANbus communication and AC or separately excited motors (SEM). This combination greatly increases performance, safety, ergonomics and reliability for products in our powered pallet truck, stacker and order picker ranges. Quality guaranteed For generations, the BT Lifter hand pallet truck range has set the standard for the hand pallet truck industry. Now the BT Lifter LHM230 comes with a lifetime (99-year) functional guarantee on the fork frame, making it the obvious choice for reliable performance and the best value for money. Empowering your business Toyota l_Site provides the information needed to reduce fleet costs and increase productivity. Our Toyota l_Site experts help you set up the correct monitoring and reporting functions - such as driver access management, shock summary reporting and fleet usage reporting - and provide you with information, analysis and support to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve safety. Customized trucks - for special requirements Every one of our products is engineered to deliver reliable performance under tough working conditions. In addition, we offer a wide range of additional truck specifications, including galvanised, cold storage, explosion-proof, as well as cabin options for outdoor applications. Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) aims to be close to every one of its customers and accomplishes this by working with local teams to implement the organisational model that best serves local customer needs. Each of our marketing and sales companies is strategically located to offer optimal market coverage and service convenience, to keep customers' businesses running smoothly. Wherever customers are located in our vast coverage area they can be sure of receiving consistent and high-quality products and services. By integrating the existing Toyota and BT operations in many countries and developing new organisations in emerging markets, TMHE has developed a network of 400 sales and service centres and nearly 5,000 highly trained service engineers, covering more than 30 countries across Europe. This is an on-going programme and TMHE will continue to develop organisations to meet customers' needs throughout an expanding European market. Austria - Belarus - Belgium - Bulgaria - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark- Estonia - Finland - France- Germany- Greece - Hungary - Iceland - Ireland - Italy - Latvia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Netherlands - Norway- Poland - Portugal-Romania-Russia-Slovakia-Slovenia-Spain-Sweden-Switzerland-Turkey-Ukraine-United Kingdom MATERIAL HANDLING stronger together TOYOTA MATERIAL HANDLING EUROPE, MANAGING THE TOYOTAAND BT MATERIALS HANDLING BRANDS IN EUROPE Global leader in material handling >>> Over the years, Toyota has developed a strong European presence, establishing close geographic links with its customers in order to better respond to their needs. With operations in more than 30 countries, Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) has European Office functions based in Ancenis (France), Bologna (Italy), Brussels (Belgium) and Mjölby/Linköping (Sweden) and production centres in Ancenis, Bologna and Mjölby. Toyota Material Handling Group - Worldwide N° 1 Toyota Material Handling Group is the materials handling division of Toyota Industries Corporation, with operations around the world and production facilities in Europe, Japan, China and the United States. By investing heavily in new engineering technologies and manufacturing techniques, Toyota aims to bring customers the best materials handling products and services on the market. Toyota Production System The Toyota Production System (TPS) empowers team members to optimise quality by constantly improving processes and eliminating unnecessary waste of resources. TPS includes a common set of knowledge, values and procedures, entrusts employees with well-defined responsibilities in each production step, and encourages each staff member to strive for overall improvement. Today, TPS is the acknowledged reference among automotive manufacturers and related industries. Our methods enable businesses to achieve sustained gains in productivity while satisfying customer expectations for quality and reliability. Research & Development Toyota Material Handling Europe benefits from Toyota's vast experience in the automotive industry, especially in engine development. By taking full advantage of the group's massive R&D facilities and engineering expertise, Toyota has developed a number of world-class technologies. Intelligent use of electronic and computer controlled devices has also made a significant contribution to creating more ergonomie and user-friendly operator environments, contributing to safety in the workplace. MATERIAL HANDLING stronger together

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