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Ease-of-use, Effective and Reliable Toyota Material Toyota Material Handling's BT Radioshuttle system is an advanced high-density storage solution that allows you to utilise up to 85% of your available space without compromising your productivity. This high density storage solution is based on the concept of remote controlled shuttle units working within storage 'tunnels'. It provides simple, efficient and reliable pallet handling within the racking system with only one button push on the remote The shuttle unit is easily moved between storage tunnels using a conventional forklift truck, with fork guides under the shuttle unit ensuring safe and highly accurate handling. Uncompromising engineering design, with many generations of product development, results in an extremely reliable system with high quality construction and therefore exceptional durability. With an excellent track record around the world, the BT Radioshuttle system delivers exceptional efficiency and extra high precision material handling in high-density storage systems 24 hours per day, seven days a week. It perfectly adapts to the toughest working conditions such as cold stores and can be integrated into the local warehouse management system. As a result of 20 years' experience and worldwide installations, every hour 7 days a week 70,000 pallets are being moved by a BT Radioshuttle Total coverage The Toyota Material Handling network extends to over 30 countries in Europe with more than Always local - with global support Wherever you are located in Europe, we are always local, due to our extensive coverage, but with the stability and back-up of a worldwide Over 90% of trucks we sell are built in our own European factories, in Sweden, France and Italy - all to TPS quality standards. We employ over 3000 production staff in Europe and work with over 300 European suppliers. Approximately 15% of our European production is exported to other parts of the world. MATERIAL HANDLING TP-Technical Publications, Sweden— 749715-040,1405 High Density Storage Solutions from Toyota High Density Storage Reducing Costs and Maximising Use of Space The BT Radioshuttle was the first high-density shuttle storage system to enter the market. It was developed 20 years ago in response to a customer's need to maximise his storage capacity in a confined space, without compromising productivity. Since then the solution has been continuously developed with our customers, and today there are more than 1.000 successful installations around the A unique characteristic of the BT Radioshuttle system is that the racking and shuttle units have been developed specifically to work together, which means we always deliver proven turn-key storage Maximise your storage capacity The BT Radioshuttle system allows you to use up to 85% of your available space, and it can be used in Increase your productivity While the semi-automatic radioshuttle unit handles the pallet inside the storage tunnels, the forklift operator is free to handle the next pallet, hence eliminating unnecessary waiting time and therefore optimising productivity. Drive down your operating costs The are many cost-saving aspects to t

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Since 2001, Polish company ZAK has been distributing frozen fruit and vegetables. The cold storage operation maintains a temperature of -25⁰c, making this a demanding and challenging working environment. Andrzej Sikora - Warehouse Manager for ZAK “When planning our new cold store warehouse, we chose to invest in a BT Radioshuttle System from Toyota Material Handling. Our decision was based on the proven reliability and efficiency benefits we could foresee with this system. The BT Radiosthuttle is now installed and we are seeing those benefits and it has proven to be a reliable partner”....

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