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Large Tow Tractor


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Large Tow Tractor - 1

INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT HEAVY-DUTY GROUND SUPPORT ► 44100 - 55100 lb. Towing Capacity ► 80-Volt AC Drive System ► 15.6 - 17.5 mph Travel Speed Without Load ► Tight Turning Radius ELECTRIC AND INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE TOW TRACTORS

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Large Tow Tractor - 2

IT’S BIG ON THE TOYOTA LARGE TOW TRACTOR. Generous pulling power, miserly operating expense. With that combination, it’s no wonder aviation professionals are big on the Toyota Large Tow Tractor. 55000-plus pounds of towing power and an extremely tight turning radius suit it for heavy-duty towing operations in crowded, busy environments. Clean 80-Volt AC Power makes it ideal for budget-conscious environments — and the environment, too. LARGE TOW TRACTOR ADVANTAGES ► 80-VOLT AC DRIVE SYSTEM powerful enough to haul ► HYDRAULIC POWER STEERING with cylinder and ► ENORMOUS 44100 – 55100 LB....

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Large Tow Tractor - 3


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Large Tow Tractor - 4

TOWING CAPACITY MAXIMUM DRAWBAR PULL STANDARD FEATURES PERFORMANCE • 80-Volt AC drive system • 15.6/17.5 mph no load travel speed (2TE15/18) • Hydraulic power steering 2-speed travel speed control • Front leaf spring suspension Power select function • Fixed rear axle Onboard diagnostic & warning system Automatic regenerative braking • Easy access for all maintenance items • Battery hood assist damper with lock device ERGONOMICS • Infinitely adjustable tilt steering wheel • Enhanced visibility of rear hitch • Dual action parking brake • Column-mounted display & direction control •...

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Large Tow Tractor - 5

GENERAL DATA 2TE15 Maximum Drawbar Pull lb (kg) 3300 (1500) Power Type Operator Position Seated Rider Seated Rider

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Large Tow Tractor - 6


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Large Tow Tractor - 7

SINGLE-STAGE DRAWBAR (STANDARD) DOUBLE-STAGE DRAWBAR (OPTION) TOWED WEIGHT CHART RAMP DEGREE Based on dry even concrete (coefficient of rolling resistance = 0.02). Towed weight is the same for two or more trailers.

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Large Tow Tractor - 8

COUNT ON THE LEADER ► Toyota leads in quality, durability, reliability and value, thanks ► Toyota forklifts have ranked No. 1 in safety and quality ► With the broadest and most complete set of material- For more information, including full specs, see your Toyota Dealer or to advanced technology and the world-renowned Toyota Production System. handling solutions in the industry, Toyota Dealers specialize in meeting all of your needs — from a single forklift to an entire fleet. since 2002, according to studies conducted by Peerless Research Group. ► Toyota’s...

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