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Toyota Accessories for your industrial equipment needs QUALITY ACCESSORIES Available for Your Toyota Forklift Truck Once you have had the opportunity to study and assess your specic application requirements, Toyota can provide you with a variety of quality accessories to t your individual needs. These quality accessories include: Back-Up Alarms: These devices operate when the vehicle transmission is placed in reverse. Flashing Lights: These devices, either rotating beacon or ashing strobe, operate when the vehicle ignition is on. Rear View Mirrors: Available in different congurations and mounting locations. Driving Lights: Available for both forward and rearward illumination. Fire Extinguisher: Available in different sizes and ratings, depending upon your workplace requirements. (Consult a safety professional or Fire Marshall for proper extinguisher selection.) in training their personnel, Toyota has developed operator safety training programs for forklift truck and tow tractor equipment. These programs, consisting of videotapes, compact discs and written study materials, are most effectively presented in conjunction with your company’s existing workplace safety program. Operator and Pedestrian Training: To assist customers

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Toyota Accessories for your industrial equipment needs suggests that you consult with a safety professional familiar with your type of industrial setting when assessing your specic workplace application requirements. Toyota reminds you that the rst and most important step toward preventing accidents is the commitment of everyone within your company to follow the safest practices as required by ITSDF, OSHA, and your own workplace safety rules. ASSESSING YOUR NEEDS Copies of applicable OSHA Regulations and ITSDF Standards can be obtained from the following agencies: OSHA: U.S. Government...

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Toyota Accessories for your industrial equipment needs High noise levels Light conditions Lift truck and other vehicle trafc Pedestrian trafc Operation in enclosed areas Limited aisle space Ground surfaces Hazardous or unique materials handling Lights: The level of brightness of the device is dependent upon the ambient background lighting. Not bright enough, and it will not be seen; too bright, and it will annoy. Likewise, the color of the device is dependent upon what other warning lights, if any, exist in the work environment already; red, white, yellow, blue, or other colors often have a...

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Toyota Accessories for your industrial equipment needs 2. Flashing Lights/Strobes/Rotating Beacons: Operator depends on the light to alert pedestrians to the presence of the lift truck rather than looking in the direction of travel. Lights operating in enclosed spaces, trailers, narrow aisles, and reecting off walls create confusion and fatigue. and a majority of workplace applications do not benet from additional accessories which invite operators to drive in an unsafe manner. The detrimental effects of accessories include: Pedestrians become habituated to the constant presence of the...

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