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8-Series 3,000-6,500 lbs. Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire


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8-Series 3,000-6,500 lbs. Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire - 2

Once again, Toyota innovation and engineering come together to set a new standard in the lift truck industry. The 8-Series offers major advancements that enhance every aspect of lift truck operation. The result: a safer workplace and more productive lift truck operators. The 8-Series is our most durable lift truck yet—thanks to a host of heavy-duty improvements. Safety was equally important in the development of the 8-Series, which features our exclusive System of Active Stability™ (SAS). SAS electronically monitors and controls the lift truck’s operations to help reduce the risk of...

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8-Series 3,000-6,500 lbs. Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire - 4

Durability In a lift truck, tougher is always better. No matter how tough the job gets, the 8-Series is built to take it. Every 8-Series lift truck is built using Toyota’s world-renowned production system—which delivers the kind of quality, durability and reliability the industry has come to expect from the leader in lift truck technology. Consider the thick fully-stamped steel side panels that help withstand the harshest environments. The moisture-resistant electrical connectors that are designed to improve durability in high-moisture environments. And a variety of other innovative...

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8-Series 3,000-6,500 lbs. Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire - 5

Efficient cooling system provides optimal airflow through the radiator and counterweight thereby reducing the likelihood of overheating and extending the overall life of critical engine components. Hydraulic accumulator acts as a load shock absorber. This option improves front-end durability by cushioning potentially damaging shock loading on critical mast, carriage and attachment components. Tilt cylinder protection boots reduce hydraulic leaks by limiting cylinder rod scouring and seal damage caused by dirt accumulation. Structurally rugged mast channel design provides maximum load...

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8-Series 3,000-6,500 lbs. Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire - 6

Safety Safety first. Productivity, a very close second. Still leading the industry in safety technology, no other lift truck brand offers a system comparable to Toyota’s System of Active Stability™ (SAS). According to OSHA, lift truck accidents are the second-leading cause of fatalities in the private sector, with highway vehicles being the first. With well over 250,000 SAS-equipped Toyota lift trucks in operation in the U.S. and Toyota’s proven record of lift truck safety, you can feel confident knowing that your operators are utilizing equipment that sets the industry standard in safety....

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8-Series 3,000-6,500 lbs. Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire - 7

Active Mast Function Controller System Similar in operation to the active rear stabilizer control, the active mast function controller system uses the same patented technology to sense various factors that lead to potential longitudinal instability. When the SAS controller senses potential longitudinal instability, two systems are activated to help reduce the chances of forward or rearward tipovers: forward tilt angle control and rear tilt speed control. Forward Tilt Angle Control will sense load weight and mast height, then automatically override the operator’s manual control and limit...

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8-Series 3,000-6,500 lbs. Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire - 8

Performance Why 8 is the new number one. Innovations in layout, steering control and load-handling assistance—and a variety of other 8-Series features—have been designed with the operator’s productivity in mind. From the 4Y-ECS engine, which is capable of meeting and exceeding the performance demands of tough workplace environments, to the full-hydrostatic power steering engineered for smoother and more precise handling with less operator fatigue, the 8-Series takes lift truck productivity to a whole new level. Automatic idle-up system1 allows feathering of the hydraulic lift lever under...

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8-Series 3,000-6,500 lbs. Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire - 9

One-way automatic fork leveling consistently levels the forks parallel to the ground, improving operating efficiency and productivity while reducing product damage. Starting from a back tilt position, the one-way automatic fork leveling feature positions the forks horizontally to the floor with the simple push of a button on the tilt lever, allowing safer and easier load handling. Two-way automatic fork leveling on the mini-lever and joystick control options allow the operator to level the forks from both the back tilt and forward tilt positions.

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8-Series 3,000-6,500 lbs. Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire - 10

Ergonomics InNovation at your fingertips. The 8-Series’ innovative ergonomic features were designed to help make Curvilinear overhead guard legs provide a wider opening for operator entry/exit. operators more comfortable and, as a result, more productive. These and Toyota’s deluxe steel cab option provides operators maximum comfort in the harshest of weather conditions. The numerous visibility, noise reduction and comfort features are sure to impress even your most critical of drivers. other features make the 8-Series Toyota’s most ergonomically advanced lift truck ever. Electric shift...

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8-Series 3,000-6,500 lbs. Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire - 11

High mount key switch and parking brake release lever have been strategically placed to minimize the need for an operator to lean forward in the seat. Cowl-mounted hydraulic levers are ergonomically situated for improved operator comfort and unobstructed entry/exit from the right side of the truck. Slim-profile steer column, which features a small 11.8-inch-diameter steering wheel and optional steer assist knob, reduces operator arm and shoulder strain. The small diameter wheel also provides greater legroom and wider service access and simplifies operator entry/exit. Optional rear assist...

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8-Series 3,000-6,500 lbs. Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire - 12

visibility See what you’ve been missing. A variety of features provides optimal visibility, which translates into better performance and productivity. Dash-mounted displays and the low profile cowl with sloped dashboard provide an unobstructed view of the fork tips in any position. Strategic placement of the overhead guard bars provides ideal visibility when positioning forks and handling loads high on racking. And tapered rear overhead guard legs and low profile LPG tank placement give operators the view they require when driving in reverse. Upward Visibility Overhead guard bars configured...

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