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7-Series Large Capacity Cushion Tire


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7-Series Large Capacity Cushion Tire - 2

The bar is raised. The industry is forever changed. The revolutionary 7-Series forklifts feature the world’s first System of Active Stability (SAS) – which helps reduce the risk of forklift accidents. Once again, Toyota ingenuity and engineering have been combined to introduce new and NEXT GENERATION FORKLIFT dramatic advancements in design. Advancements not limited to new safety features, but including overall lift truck operation and performance, as well. As a result, Toyota is driving the world toward a safer, more productive workplace by expanding the 7-Series cushion line-up to 15,500...

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7-Series Large Capacity Cushion Tire - 3

that distinguishes Toyota cars and trucks is built into every Toyota forklift. NEXT GENERATION FORKLIFT The same legendary manufacturing quality

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7-Series Large Capacity Cushion Tire - 4

CAN A FORKLIFT BE SAFETY-MINDED? NO, BUT A MANUFACTURER CAN. With more than 68,000 forklift accidents reported in the United States each year, operator training alone isn’t enough to prevent all of them. It takes the combined efforts of every party involved, including manufacturers. With the introduction of our patented System of Active Stability (SAS), Toyota is contributing TOYOTA is setting the standard for forklift safety. every way possible. Using technology Toyota engineers created for automotive safety systems, SAS electronically monitors and controls forklift operations to help...

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7-Series Large Capacity Cushion Tire - 5

SAS Active Control Rear Stabilizer The Active Control Rear Stabilizer helps operators maintain lateral stability during turns. When it senses instability, the Active Control Rear Stabilizer immediately engages the Swing Lock Cylinder, which locks the rear axle in place to help reduce the risk of lateral tipover. SAS Active Mast Function Controller The Active Mast Function Controller is uniquely engineered to help operators handle loads confidently at high heights. Depending on the height and weight of a load, the Forward Tilt Angle Controller automatically overrides the operator’s manual...

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7-Series Large Capacity Cushion Tire - 7

The optional EZ Pedal is an ideal feature in industries, such as pulp and THE NEW AND IMPROVED POWERTRAIN: BEEFED-UP, YET SILKY SMOOTH. paper, where working conditions can demand quick, back-and-forth The “power” in the 7-Series powertrain is something to behold. Just as forklifts make light work of heavy loads, movements in limited space. Toyota is leading the forklift industry, elevating design and performance to another level. Combine the high-torque, 4.3-liter, overhead valve (OHV) V-6 engine with the 7-Series’ automatic 2-speed torque converter design, and you’ve got a powertrain that...

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7-Series Large Capacity Cushion Tire - 8

MORE FEATURES. MORE FORKLIFT. MORE PRODUCTIVITY. SOMETIMES MORE IS BETTER. With advanced ergonomics, steering control and load handling capabilities, the 7-Series not only offers improved operability, it also offers more features to help increase operator comfort and, ultimately, productivity. In addition, the 7-Series offers excellent maneuverability and a tight turning radius – especially with the Boxcar Special models. Other features include an integrated headlight and turn signal switch to enhance operability and an exclusive memory tilt steering wheel that provides optimum comfort....

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7-Series Large Capacity Cushion Tire - 9

Double-action parking brake has an ergonomically contoured handle and helps prevent the inadvertent release of the brake. Strategically configured instrument display and hydraulic control levers offer “eyes-forward” viewing while the forklift is in operation, helping the operator to stay comfortably in command. Fingertip-controlled electric shift lever offers easy direction change. Wide-view mast allows operators to see the forktips in any position, helping to enhance safety and reduce operator fatigue. Hydraulic controls are ergonomically located on the cowl for maximum operator comfort,...

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7-Series Large Capacity Cushion Tire - 10

DURABILITY Toyota’s Centralized Hydraulic Power-assist System (CHPS) uses a single hydraulic reservoir and engine-driven pump to generate hydraulic lifting, tilting, steering and braking pressure for the entire truck, which helps increase reliability and simplify servicing. Automatic 2-speed torque converter design prevents the truck from being started in second gear, thereby helping to reduce the risk of clutch failure. Durable overhead guard provides maximum load visibility and operator protection.

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7-Series Large Capacity Cushion Tire - 11

ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF A TOYOTA LIFT TRUCK. Every 7-Series Toyota lift truck undergoes the same world-renowned manufacturing process. Extra steps are always taken to ensure reliability and durability. Rest assured, these models are built to withstand demanding applications. Product features and benefits listed here are only part of the sum total that reflects Toyota’s relentless commitment to innovative design, rugged construction, operator comfort and safety. Toyota’s planetary drive axle decreases the torsional stresses commonly experienced with power shifting, resulting in greater...

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7-Series Large Capacity Cushion Tire - 12

NO ONE CAN AVOID FORKLIFT MAINTENANCE. ONLY THE HASSLES OF DOING IT. EASE OF SERVICE Thanks to the many “ease-of-service” features, 7-Series forklifts are quick and easy to maintain. In effect, “routine maintenance” is now truly routine. An integrated monitoring system reports on all important vehicle information, including SAS system status. It also includes a digital hourmeter; water temperature and gasoline (or diesel) fuel level gauge; plus indicator lights for clogged air cleaner, oil pressure warning and charge warning. Its easy-lift hood offers quick access to the engine compartment,...

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7-Series Large Capacity Cushion Tire - 13

Single-source pump design of Toyota’s Centralized Hydraulic Power-assist System (CHPS) reduces the number of working systems, resulting in less diagnostic time. ERGONOMICS A comfortable operator is a productive operator. That’s why we have developed a host of ergonomic features for every 7-Series forklift. Spacious compartment provides generous head and legroom, helping reduce operator fatigue. Cowl-mounted hydraulic controls and dual operator assist grips help to make entering and exiting safer and easier from both sides of the forklift. Low, wide steps feature a punch-plate surface to...

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