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7-Series Electric AC Pneumatic


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AC Power System and SAS Provide Trend-Setting Style and Performance Just a glance tells you that the 7FB is distinctly different than any other electric forklift you have ever seen. And that difference is more than just appearance. The 7FB is the first Toyota electric forklift to harness the benefits of AC Power and the System of Active Stability (SAS). This trend-setting 7FB is a major leap in the evolution of the electric forklift design and another shining example of Toyota’s continuing quest for excellence.

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• State of the Art Safety • Fatigue Fighting Comfort • Full Control Operability • Productivity Boosting Control Features and equipment may vary depending on market.

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On the 7-Series, SAS is standard. On Other forklifts, it’s not even an option. Each year more than 68,000 forklift accidents are reported in North America. Toyota is setting Industry-wide, companies have responded the standard for forklift to this problem by implementing better safety. operator training programs. Toyota has responded by engineering a revolutionary forklift. What makes the 7-Series truly revolutionary is that it includes something no other forklift can offer: the patented System of Active Stability™ (SAS). Using technology created by Toyota’s engineers for automotive safety...

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Active Control Rear Stabilizer The Active Control Rear Stabilizer helps operators maintain lateral stability. When it senses instability, the Active Control Rear Stabilizer engages the Swing Lock Cylinder which stabilizes the rear axle, helping to reduce the risk of tip-over. Active Mast Function Controller The Active Mast Function Controller is uniquely engineered to help operators handle loads at high heights. Depending on the height and weight of the load, the Forward Tilt Angle Controller automatically overrides the operator’s manual control and limits the forward tilt angle of the...

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AC Power System and SAS Provide Full-Control Operability Toyota puts full control at your command. The steering wheel will tilt to meet the natural driving position of the operator. Control levers and switches are positioned within the normal range of motion and require minimal effort. All levers and switches are positioned for easy operation. The 7FB seems to be controlled by the mere wishes of the operator. Features such as SAS-Automatic Fork Leveling Control and the Electric Hydrostatic Power Steering & SAS-Active Steering Synchronizer help enhance operability even more. More Ways to...

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Easy-Down System Less noise and impact are provided by this system that gradually slows the empty forks just before they contact the ground. The operator and those working near the forklift will appreciate the reduced noise. (Standard equipment on V and SV masts.) Tilt Steering with Memory Device Tailors the forklift to the operator. Adjusts to any position within a 13 degree range. The steering wheel tilts out of the way to accommodate battery changes, but can be automatically returned to its original position. Direction Lever Finger-tip operation can be performed while the hand is still...

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AC Power System and SAS Provide Fatigue-Fighting Comfort AC power also makes a big difference in enhancing operator comfort. AC motors are more compact than DC motors, and this difference in size gives engineers more design freedom. By using this freedom and relocating the battery under the floorboard, Toyota has opened the 7FB to a wide range of comfort-enhancing features for reducing operator fatigue. Battery Layout Powerful yet compact AC motors allow the battery to finally leave its conventional location under the operator’s seat.

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Low-Height Step Easy entry and exit thanks to the strategically located battery. This will be much appreciated by operators who have to get on and off job of the forklift frequently. Expanded Leg Space Designed to provide plenty of space to enhance the operator’s freedom of movement and reduce fatigue. Covers at the bottom of the instrument panel and over the tilt cylinders add to the styling. ORS Seat Operator Restraint System (ORS) seat contributes to comfort and security. Side wings and a retractable seat belt help keep the operator in place. The ORS seat can be adjusted longitudinally...

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AC Power System and SAS Provide Productivity-Boosting Control The AC power system sets the stage for levels of control unavailable until now. Changing travel direction is now smooth and fast. Both acceleration and deceleration are easy to control. Standard features such as Power Select Function and Power Keep Function help customize the 7FB to the task and make it even more efficient. All of these advancements are focused on redefining the meaning of forklift productivity. AC Power System Multiple benefits of the AC Power System include: fast response to operating commands, precise power...

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Conventional Forklift Range where Power Keep Function Boosts performance when the battery charge is low. This control extends the efficient performance time of the forklift. Now the forklift can continue to work at top efficiency even when the battery charge is getting low Three Types of Regenerative Systems When accelerator is released Regenerative braking operates when the accelerator pedal is released during travel to collect the electrical power created. It also acts much like "engine braking" to slow the speed of the forklift. During switch back Regenerative braking operates during...

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Thanks to advanced technology and a world-renowned production system, Toyota lift trucks are known for their quality, durability and reliability. Whether you plan to purchase a single lift truck or add to your fleet, our team of dealers and National Account Managers specialize in meeting your every need. Toyota lift trucks are backed by proven product support from an industry-leading network of dealers, who offer a broad range of resources including: factory-trained service technicians, Genuine Toyota Parts, Toyota Certified Used Lift Trucks, and flexible leasing and financing packages...

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