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7-Series Electric 3-Wheel Cushion & Pneumatic


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7-Series Electric 3-Wheel Cushion & Pneumatic - 2

The Toyota 7FBEU. It’s a conservationist disguised as a lift truck. The 7FBEU Series elevates the idea of energy conservation to an entirely new level. As you’ll see below, each subsystem is specifically designed to either conserve or regenerate power to maximize productivity between battery charges. • AC Drive & Lift System offers fast response to operating commands, precise power control, compact components and provides high levels of productivity throughout the entire shift. Toyota’s AC Power System includes energy recovery provided by three forms of regenerative braking: - Coast Control...

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7-Series Electric 3-Wheel Cushion & Pneumatic - 3

Even when the battery level is low, the Power Keep Function allows the 7FBEU Series’ AC motors to continue to perform at productive levels. Toyota’s new AC drive motors are transversely mounted on the same axis. Less mechanical energy is lost through using helical and planetary gears for high transmission efficiency. Seat-activated Auto-Off System is programmable to conserve battery power. Power Select Function manages power output levels via preset performance parameters. Transistorized Drive and Hydraulic Controls are a standard feature that work in conjunction with performance parameters...

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7-Series Electric 3-Wheel Cushion & Pneumatic - 4

Safety first. Productivity, a very close second. Reducing the potential for accidents while increasing overall productivity is Toyota’s primary vision in lift truck design. To this end, the 7FBEU Series lift trucks include Toyota’s newest technologies. • The Active Mast Control system is exclusive to Toyota. Active Mast Control (AMC) is a system of sensors, limit-switches, actuators and a controller that detects and responds to changes in the operating status of the lift truck to enhance longitudinal stability when handling loads of varying sizes and weights at high lift heights. Forward...

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7-Series Electric 3-Wheel Cushion & Pneumatic - 5

Synchronized steering option helps the operator rely on the position of the steering wheel to know the position of the rear steer tires at all times. When the rear tires are in a straight forward position, the steering wheel spokes will be parallel to the front cowl every time. Automatic fork leveling consistently levels the forks parallel to the ground, improving operating efficiency and productivity while reducing product damage. Standard dual, smooth cushion steer tires to provide a smoother ride, longer tire life and a wider footprint for improved lateral stability. Also available with...

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7-Series Electric 3-Wheel Cushion & Pneumatic - 6

Get what you pay for. And then some. Headlights and optional mirrors help increase productivity. Dual operator assist grips are located on both sides for ease of operator entry or exit. Curvilinear overhead guard provides ease of entry/exit and load visibility. Adjustable steering column with memory tilt to meet operator preference. Wide-view mast offers an excellent view of the forktips in any position, to enhance operator control and safety. Cup holder for operator convenience. No-tool floorboard lifts out in seconds for fast, easy access to daily operator checks. Strategically configured...

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7-Series Electric 3-Wheel Cushion & Pneumatic - 7

Optional rear combination lights are mounted high on the overhead guard for improved protection and to make stops and turns highly visible in the workplace. Optional rear work light to assist operators when working in a dark environment and driving in reverse. Optional mini-lever controls with an adjustable armrest help reduce operator fatigue. Optional strobe light and smart alarm to assist and warn pedestrians that a lift truck is operating nearby. On-demand, full hydrostatic power steering provides quiet, responsive operation, helping to reduce operator fatigue. Mini-lever fingertip...

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7-Series Electric 3-Wheel Cushion & Pneumatic - 8

A digital read-out so complete, you don't have to read into anything. Toyota's liquid-crystal Multifunction Digital Display provides instant access to virtually every aspect of the lift truck's performance and operating systems. It also allows quick and easy programmability of the travel and hydraulic functions of the lift truck through the tuning mode. The display is equipped with the Power Select Function, which includes four password-protected performance parameters (three preset, one custom) to conform to a range of job applications and operator skill levels. S-Mode Provides the longest...

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7-Series Electric 3-Wheel Cushion & Pneumatic - 9

PROGRAMMABILITY The 7FBEU comes equipped with On-demand, full hydrostatic power steering to provide maximum maneuverability in confined work environments.

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7-Series Electric 3-Wheel Cushion & Pneumatic - 10

When it comes to serviceability, less is always more. Toyota’s AC drive & lift motors are designed and built by Toyota exclusively for the 7FBEU Series electric models. What’s more, they do not require motor brushes, commutator or directional contactors, making them virtually maintenance-free. • • • AC controllers and digital display provide self-diagnostics with built-in analyzer capabilities. There’s no need for an external hand-held analyzer. Maintenance hour meter notifies operators of routine maintenance and service needs via the digital display monitor. The intervals are programmable...

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7-Series Electric 3-Wheel Cushion & Pneumatic - 11

RELIABILITY & DURABILITY Our policy on durability in five words: Lift trucks never clock out. Durable, curvilinear bolt-on overhead guard provides maximum operator protection, entry/exit and load visibility. Tilt cylinder mast welds feature enhanced construction for reinforced mast strength. Strong, rigid front fenders are integrated with the frame for improved durability. Overhead guard pillars are rectangular in shape to enhance the frame’s rigidity and withstand the toughest working conditions. Reinforced load backrest extension with recessed fasteners to reduce product damage. AC...

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7-Series Electric 3-Wheel Cushion & Pneumatic - 12

Thanks to advanced technology such as the AC drive and lift system and a world-renowned production system, Toyota lift trucks are known for their quality, dependability and productivity. Whether you want to purchase a single lift truck or add to your fleet, our team of dealers and National Account Managers specialize in meeting your every need. Toyota lift trucks are backed by proven product support from an extensive, industry-leading network of dealers who offer a broad range of resources, including: factory-trained service technicians, Genuine Toyota Parts, Toyota Certified Used Lift...

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