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Serie Logica Platform - 1

Machines, consumables and automation for objects printing Platform PAD PRINTING SYSTEM

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Serie Logica Platform - 2

Logica Platform mod. M N. 2 Logica Micro II print heads for 4 colours printing on food containers. Static jigs with vacuum centralized piece-holding system and reverse cliche.

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Serie Logica Platform - 3

Logica Platform • The only modular automated pad printing system for industrial applications • Available in 3 different sizes: S (small) - M (medium) - L (large) • Print up to 10 colour • Max dia. Ink cups 195mm • High mechanical cadences • Full electric operation with numerical control • Compact, it requires little space for installation • Unmatched flexibility • High quality mechanics to guarantee smooth operation • Easy accommodation of auxiliary equipment • Meets the INDUSTRY 4.0 integration requirements Logica Platform mod. M Printing on cosmetic packaging (mascara) - N. 4 Logica Micro...

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Serie Logica Platform - 4

With the first installation of a Logica Platform, carried out in the early 2000s, TOSH introduced a new innovative concept of automated pad printing machine for industrial applications. Nothing like this had ever been seen before. After hundreds of installations, TOSH has refined and evolved the Platform Series, renewing it in line with the ever-increasing technological requirements on the market. Series Platform is the only machine capable of decorating up to 10 colors even on several sides of an object at high mechanical rates (with the Logica Velocina print head you can reach 9000 c/h )....

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Serie Logica Platform - 5

At the core of the PLATFORM SERIES is a high precision numerically controlled rotary table to be chosen amongst the models TRCN 04, TRNC 06 and TRCN 10 in relation to requested fixtures, printing precision and speed. High-speed pad printing heads such as the Logica mi.micro, Logica Micro Compact, Logica Micro II, Logica Macro II and Logca Velocina, can be installed in the center of the rotary table facing outward. This gives the operator complete access to pads, clichés and ink for fast, user friendly changeover and process control. Clichés on the system are positioned radially, so that the...

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Serie Logica Platform - 6

Example of static fixtures Example of rotating fixtures Combination of static and rotating fixtu

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Serie Logica Platform - 8

Example of round/oval-section PP/PE bottles for shampoo and shower gel Example of baby bottles in PC/PP of various sizes and shapes Example of medium/small glass bottles for perfumes and nail varnishes

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Serie Logica Platform - 9

TECHNICAL DATA • Operation: electric with numerical control • Printing force: • Maximum printing speed: adjustable up to 5000 c/h(*) depending to the model 195 mm (with Logica Macro II) up to 6 (with one print head) over 10 (with combined print heads) • Vertical stroke: 220/240 V – single phase – 50/60 Hz o 400 V – triple phase 50/60 Hz • Average consumption and weight: (*) the printing speed shown above is the maximum achievable; it will decrease increasing the vertical pad strokes and entering waiting times in the cycle. The piece conveying systems also influence the maximum printing...

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Serie Logica Platform - 10

Example of packaging for the pharmaceutical industry Example of square-section PP/PE bottles and flasks for cosmetic products Example of mascara containers

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Serie Logica Platform - 11

All measurements are in millimetres SIZES MODEL

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Serie Logica Platform - 12

Example of square and rectangular covers for cosmetic packaging Example of lids for round-shaped cosmetic packaging flat and convex surfaces Example of crème jars Example of PP/PE packaging for deodorants Example of caps for lipsticks, mascara and perfumes

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Serie Logica Platform - 13

Logica Platform mod. S Object: conical pot in PP Colors: 2 colors front side - dia. 130 mm 2 colors back side - dia. 130 mm Productivity: approx. 2000 p / h Parts loading / unloading: automatic Print Head: Logica Micro II Rotary table mod. TRCN 04 - 12 stations Auxiliary equipment: - part pre-treatment : flaming treatment - vision system for print quality control - pads pre-drying - automatic pad cleaning - thinner injection system - piece drying device

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Serie Logica Platform - 14

Logica PLATFORM The most advanced printing system. Print heads Logica Mimicro Logica Micro Compact Logica Velocina Logica Micro II Logica Macro II SINGLE PRINT HEAD MULTIPLE PRINT HEAD Other printing processes: - hot stamping - laser - inkjet - ... Cliché supports - radials cliché - radial reverse cliché Rotary tables - mod. TRCN 04 - mod. TRCN 06 - mod. TRCN 10 With different top plate diameter and number of stations (fixtures) Central or protruding top plate position RADIAL CLICHÉ REVERSE RADIAL CLICHÉ DOUBLE TRCN PROTRUDING TRCN

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Serie Logica Platform - 15

Unprecedented modularity for industrial applications. Easy integration of multiple print heads, more auxiliary equipment and processes to create a tailor-made system in order to meet any production requirement with the highest mechanical rate and obtainable print quality. STATIC FIXTURE ROTATING FIXTURE Safety guarding With photoelectric barriers - open top - Closed top equipped with a special air filtering treatment (cleanroom type) CENTRALIZED VACUUM DEVICE Fixtures - static - rotating with static tailstock - rotating with dynamic tailstock for high production cadences - centralized vacuum...

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Serie Logica Platform - 16

Example of objects for different sectors: kitchen items, leisure time, toys, food packaging Example of aluminium caps Example of plastic glasses (PS/PP)

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Serie Logica Platform - 17

Why you should choose TOSH pad printers: the avange is “built in” From what you will read below, do not expect a dry document of facts and figures alone. There is plenty of technical info, which make you clearly understand the design philosophy of TOSH equipment. If you have never put your hands on a piece of TOSH equipment, you have never worked with something special and innovative. TOSH machinery combines speed, flexibility and power unlike any other pad printing equipment. Every aspect is designed with purpose and function in mind. Over the intervening years we've worked on thousands of...

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Serie Logica Platform - 18

Just the facts Each piece of TOSH equipment is conceived, designed and built as a modular building block. There are no “uni-tasking” machines in the product range. Individual components can be combined in various combinations to achieve a wide variety of tasks. All equipment has a clear upgrade process in terms of speed and flexibility. From the rigor of this design philosophy results design solutions that satisfy a broad range of customer demands. There are plug in application solutions in this case there is no need to re-invent the process, nor to force a marginal solution because our...

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