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VERSION lai/aa\ LOGICA PLATFORM Numerically controlled pad printing plant for multicolour printing with high mechanical cadence. Fully electrical operation CHARACTERISTICS The LOGICA PLATFORM series is available in three basic configurations: S (small), M (medium) and L (large). These basic PLATFORMS constitute ideal systems for mounting additional automated components such as part loading/unloading, vision inspection, part pre-treatment, etc. At the core of the PLATFORM SERIES is a high precision numerically controlled rotary table. Based upon the application the customer can choose from a range of TOSH rotary table models, sizes and speed. High speed pad printing heads such as the LOGICA mi.micro, MICRO II and MACRO can be installed in the center of the rotary table facing outward. This gives the operator complete access to pads, cliches and ink for fast, user friendly changeover and process control. Cliches on the system are positioned radially so that the images remain square on the cliche, rather than rotated to compensate for the angle of the tooling. The system is supplied with complete standard guarding. Optionally the customer can request an enclosed TOP as well as a special climate control system complete with antibacterial filter and positive pressure. • All motion is numerically controlled via stepper or brushless motors. This guarantees high precision, flexibility and simplicity without compromise. 5 SMALL SIZE IV1 MEDIUM SIZE L LARGE SIZE • Manufactured from the highest quality light alloy, special steel and industrial components. • Eco-friendly. Due to the hermetic ink system preventing solvent evaporation. • Changeover time reduced to a few minutes, thanks to the consideration given in the design concept to apply ergonomic principles to the system. • Due to the mechanical design quality, the smooth working function results in an extremely quiet action, thus allowing use in any environment. • Ability to print under the printing plate, allowing decoration in every position on the large sized objects. TECHNICAL DATA • Operation: electric with numerical control • Printing force: up to 16.000 N depending to the model • Maximum printing speed: adjustable up to 5000 c/h(1) • Typical speeds: 1.500 - 2.000 c/h • Number of colours: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 or more • Maximum dia. ink cup: 195 mm or bigger on request • Vertical stroke: Depending to the model • Maximum pad height: Depending to the model • AC supply: 220/240 V - single phase - 50/60 Hz or 400V - single phase 50/60 Hz • Average consumption and weight: Depending to the model and equipment installed • Rotary table: TRCN-04, TRCN-06 and TRCN-10 (1) Depending to the pads stroke, images to be printed, pieces loading-unloading device and other parameters. Designed and manufactured in compliance with machines European Standard All electric operation provides a considerable advantage over a pneumatic system in terms of efficiency, control and power

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LOGICA PLATFORM SERIE LOGICA HIGHSPEED • System is designed to guarantee a long life with very little maintenance. • Most of adjustment functions can be carried out via the user friendly numeric keyboard with alphanumeric display. • Multi program memory facilitates easy set-up and changeover. Full enclosure Vacuum Pads pre-cure Pre-post treatment Conditioning Part rotation Automatic pad cleaning LOGICA PLATFORM - TECHNICAL LAYOUT DIMENSIONS TYPE AIR TREATMENT (extra optional) TOSH S.r.l. - Via Lambro 84, I - 20089 Quinto Stampi Rozzano (MI) Tel. +39 02 57566.1 (10 linee r.a.) - Fax +39 02...

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