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ultralyzer & algacleaner Ultrasound for Water and Environmental applications

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2 Algae removal The mitigation, destruction and growth-inhibition of algae by use of ultrasonic pulses, which avoids chemical usage, is ideally suited for a wide range of applications.

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Intensified sludge treatment, More energy from biosolids.

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4 Cooperation, Research and Knowledge This innovative technology for waste sludge and biosolids treatment by means of an ultrasonic reactor is the result of many years of development by Ultrawaves, a spin-off company from the research activities of Hamburg-Harburg Technical University, lead by Professors Dr.Eng Uwe Neis and Dr.Eng Klaus Nickel. Manufacturing Plant Toscano: Manufacturer of electronic equipment and systems for water control, with experience in ultrasonic treatment for algae mitigation in cooperative research with the University of Huelva. A wide range of applications Sludge...

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5 From Standard to Custom Designs Engineering, manufacturing and service We provide one-stop capability: from state-ofthe-art components to advanced engineering and customized systems. With over 30 years of experience in electronics for water control and industrial applications, we are able to provide a full range of solutions from standard off-the-shelf ultrasonic devices for algae control, to complete turnkey systems for Waste Water Treatment Plant. (WWTP). Toscano also has an in-house team of engineers available to help with any design requirements or specifications you may need. “Our...

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Electronic and hydraulic control, for best use of the Ultrawaves Reactor The capacity of the reactor has been optimized as a compact unit that achieves homogeneus sonication throughout the whole treated flow (29 liters). A true "micro-system" compared with conventional treatment technologies. The control system for flow and pressure, in combination with the ultrasonic sonication power and amplitude, produces enourmous cavitation forces which break up the biomass structure while maintaining stable and safe operation of the Cavitation is the creation, growth and implosion of these microscopic...

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7 Destruction and growthinhibition of algae by ultrasonic energy pulses Ultrasounds are present in a wide range of frequencies, beyond the range of human hearing (20 kHz - 10 MHz). Sound propagation in a medium such as water is carried out by continuous waves transition through the medium in two phases: rarefaction (negative pressure) and compression (positive pressure). Discover DUMO Algacleaner Our transducer offers a coupling technology that matches the transmission pulses to the water density, resulting in more effective penetration of the ultrasonic waves, delivering more acoustic...

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Engineering made to last under continuous working conditions DUMO Control System DUMO Control System The complete development in-house of design, manufacturing, assembly and testing ensures high-quality systems integration, reducing delivery time and providing the best overall solution and service. Our full compact “plug & play” DUMO Ultralyzer includes: • Sludge pre-conditioning by our unique “DST” process. • Hydraulic bench, pumps, piping and regulation valves. • Ultrawaves Reactor • Flow and pressure control • Redundant safety system • Control Panel • • • Programable Logic Controller and...

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9 Our Process to deliver your Project We assist our customers in WWTP where improvements are needed, as well as in the design of systems for new construction that demands more efficiency and compliance with stricter environmental requirement. 1.- Preliminary data 2.- Sludge analysis Our process begins with collection of preliminary data to establish project scope depending upon the application, studies may include sludge analysis, mass balance flow and capabilities for implementation as well as others project parameters. This will determine the final project, the economic evaluation, and...

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algacleaner The most effective and ecological way to prevent algae DUMO Algacleaner® It is now possible to alleviate algae bloom in your pond, irrigation reservoir, lake, fountain, cooling towers, etc., without the need for chemical products. Our ultrasonic equipment will ensure algae is eliminated in the most sustainable method possible. Installation its easy. All you need do is float the device in the water and connect it to a power source or solar panel. Advantages Ecological Causes no harm to humans, animals or plants. Clean No need for chemical products Minimal maintenance • •...

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11 System description A. An ultrasonic transmitter attached to a float is placed under the surface of the water. B. An ultrasonic electronic generator to activate the transmitter is installed a waterproof area powered by a 230 V mains circuit or solar panel. C. A 20-metre cable connects the transmitter and generator. AC-50 AC-100 Cooling towers

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Seville (Tablada) Brazil (Belo Horizonte) Dublin (Shanganagh) Barcelona (Montornes) Ciudad Real (Tomelloso) Bilbao (Arriandi) Murcia (Lorqui) Biogas plant - Bordesholmerland Denitrification pilot plant - Barcelona

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Ornamental pond Public park Water treatment Custom design for ornamental channel Solar panel option 360º field of action (custom design)

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14 reactor Treatment flow Plant size Sludge retention time Nominal power Reactor effective volume Solids concentration Flow rate Technical specifications Model Power supply Length of transmitter cable Average/maximum consumption Field of action Pulses/bursts/ultrasonic waves Alarm output of no-emission Electrical protections Control box dimensions Environmental protection Pilot lights Multifrequency with automatic sequence changes N.C. auxiliary contact (3A 250V) Surge/Overheating/Breakage of transmitter cable 240 x 190 x 90 mm EMISSION (outside), VOLTAGE (inside) Solar panel 24 Vdc / 20...

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15 Support & service from a single source Technical support and training are among the most important elements in successful implementation of any technology, but especially in biological environments. We provide both on-site training and technical workshops to promote user skills, increase productivity and ensure high ROI. The professionals of Toscano are product specialists, experts in satisfying your specific needs. They provide installation, training and technical support for DUMO Ultralyzer and Algacleaner to insure the success of your project. Technical workshops & trainings toscano...

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