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TH-FILL Filling control module Solenoid valve 24V DIN-rail mounting Filling control module by level probes or floats and 24V solenoid valve control. 3-module wide modular case for DIN rail mounting. Power supply of the module at 230V. Front indication of power ON and position of the solenoid valve, open or closed. Front panel potentiometers for adjusting the water sensitivity (hardness) and time delay before opening and closing the solenoid valve (wavelet effect). Voltage presence Setting of opening / closing delay of solenoid valve Solenoid valve activated Mode probes CHECK THE CONNECTIONS BEFORE STARTING THE EQUIPMENT. SUCH AN ERROR MAY CAUSE DANGER OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. Output contact (*) It is a voltage-free relay contact. It is activated and deactivated at the same time as the solenoid valve.It can be used to activate a filling signaling. Wiring It is essential for the proper functioning of the level relay that the ground connection is correct. It is recommended to connect to any point in the pipe or pump (screw, flange, valve, etc.), to a pickaxe or by a probe submerged in the bottom of the container, if it is made of insulating materials (uralite, fiberglass or plastics in general). IMPORTANT: The probe cables must be sufficiently insulated, as a false ground contact will cause the equipment to malfunction.

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Operation When the reservoir level drops below the minimum probe, the solenoid valve opens. The solenoid valve remains open until the level reaches the maximum probe. There is always a delay to the opening and closing of the solenoid valve that can be set. Specifications Pilot lights Voltage presence and solenoid valve Operation voltage Probes / floats voltage Probes / floats current Probes sensitivity Solenoid valve switch on / off delay Solenoid valve output Relay output (terminal blocks 3 and 4) Maximum terminal cross-section Working temperature Protection degree 490 g (725 g with 3 SN...

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