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Alarm panel with rechargeable battery Acoustic alarm panel with power reserve (rechargeable battery) for connection of a control device with voltage-free contact (level float switch, pressure switch, door switch, etc.), or by 2 level probes. • It operates as a level detector by means of a float switch or 2 probes. • Plastic housing. • Power supply 230 V AC. • Rechargeable battery, with autonomy of 6 months (15 hours in alarm mode). • Voltage and alarm pilot lights. • 90 dB buzzer. • Test button. • Reset button (stops the alarm). • Alarm output contact. 1. POWER PRESENCE PILOT LIGHT (GREEN). Lights up when the supply voltage (230 V AC) is on. POWER SUPPLY Power the equipment to 230 V AC. ALARM OUTPUT Closes the contact when the input detects water. CONTROL INPUT Connect the float switch or both probes to the corresponding input terminals. Either the float switch and the probes work with low voltage 9...12 V DC. If 2 probes are installed, they must be located at the same height inside the tank. 3. RESET BUTTON. Used to mute the buzzer. The output contact remains closed as long as high level is detected. 4. ALARM PILOT LIGHT (RED). Lights on when it detects high level. Battery Type 9V rechargeable Battery autonomy When the mains power supply fails, the equipment continues to operate with the power stored in the battery. In this case, the mains voltage pilot light (green) remains off to extend the battery's autonomy. Stand-by autonomy (alarm not activated): 6 months. Autonomy with alarm activated: > 15 hours. 5 A / 250 V AC Float switch / probes voltage 9...12 V DC Toscano Lfnea Electronica, S.L. Av. A-92, Km. 6,5 - 41500 - Alcala de Guadaira - SEVILLA - SPAIN - (+34) 954 999 900 - - toscano electronics for the environment TEST BUTTON. It is used to trigger the alarm and verify the operation of the equipment.

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