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TOPSFLO Excellence in Micro pump,DC pump Let’s See How Richard Wang Analyze TOPSFLO New Products: TL-A03, TL-B03 & TDC! Richard Wang special new product meeting (rst phase) is begining in TOPSFLO meeting room, all salesman take part in. As the TOPSFLO pumps’ chief designer, Richard Wang analyzes the advantages of new products TL-A03, TL-B03 & TDC in deeply. TL-A03, TL-B03 1, Advanced magnetic driving technology for static-seal,without any leakage forever. 2, Special designed high efciency closed-impeller for low power consumption. 3, FDA approved materials, good choice for Coffee maker & water coolers and so on. TDC: 1, Ceramic shaft + graphite bearing sleeve, lower friction, more silent. 2, New terminal, can connect with computer directly. 3, Suspension rotor, no friction during real work to realize the ultra-silent effect & long lifetime. Through Richard Wang’s detailed analysis, all salesman know our these new pumps more comprehensively & they can better recommend these pumps to clients, and better realize our mission: Create value for clients! Richard Wang special new product meeting (second phase) is coming soon! TOPS Micro Pump & Motor Tochnology Co.,Ltd No.188,Huanbao Rd.Huanbao Industrial Zone,Yuhua, Changsha,Hunan,410116,China Phone:86-731-82739266,Fax:86-731-82739255,

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