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TM30A Series - 1

Excellence in Micro pump, DC Pump DiSCri ptiOfl TOPSFLO micro diaphragm pumps and compressors are based on a simple principal, the circular power from the motor is converted into oscillating movement by an eccentric, which moves up and down its central point, this motion is then transferred to a diaphragm by means of a connecting rod, an elastic diaphragm, which in conjunction with an inlet and outlet valve creates a pumping action. The TM30A Series offers multiple component configurations allowing them to be used for either vacuum operation, pressure operation, or alternating vacuum and pressure operations. The innovative, compact design incorporates leading edge technologies that allow it to operate harder, quieter and longer, reliabler, highly TM30A pumps can be mounted in any position and can deliver up to 6 l/min depending on the model and will operate against pressures of up to 120Kpa. Innovative and efficient engineering designs enable the TM30A Series to push the performance envelope in a lightweight, compact size. Optimized head, chamber, and flow path reduce noise without compromising LastsTeliably Longer Using the advanced diaphragm elastomer and superior brushless motor design sets the highest benchmark for service-free operation that exceeds 10,000 hours. Uncontaminated flow no contamination of the media due to oil-free operation Because of leading edge technologies, top quality bearing, superior brushless motor Thanks to stress-optimised structured diaphragm, newly-designed valves and sealing systems, precise placement of the pump head Extreme chemical resistance The use of chemically resistant materials optional such as FFPM PTFE FPM, or other material combinations for the parts which allows the corrosive gas to be pumped. A wide standard range of materials, motors, voltages configurates multiple components system selected

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TM30A Series - 2

Excellence in Micro pump. DC pump MODEL CODE FOR EASY ORDERING The model code is identical lo the order number, il is made up as ■ A: Long lifetime Brush mo 8: Long lifetime Brush mo It provides a higher level of performance than the A version and more robust and durable, ideal life time 5000 hours. This is ideal for higher operational. the pump is equipped with ; al dc motor, ideal life time 1200 hours. a brushless electronically commutated dc motor (electronics integrated in motor). the motor runs vibration and spark free, almost silently, is very dynamic and extremely durable ideal life...

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TM30A Series - 3

TOPS Micro Pump & Motor Tochnology Co.,Ltd No. 188. HuanbaoRd.Huanbao Industrial Zone,Yuhua. Changsha, Hunan, 410116, China E-mail: inloetopslec. com. Web:www. loptec. com

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