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TL-C01H Electric Instant Water Heater Pump

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Electric Instant Water Heater Pump • High pressure booster pump • Most reliable 3 phase motor Electric Instant Water Heater Pump Excellence in Micro pump, DC pump • Electric Instant Water Heater • Cooling System • Water circulation system • Swimming Pool • Higher pressure machines

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Electric Instant Water Heater Pump Features Advanced magnetic driving technology for static-seal,without any leakage forever Heavy duty work,can sustain continuous 24hours work High efficiency ECM brushless DC motor with long lifetime 20,000hours 3-phase motor for lower power consumption and lower fever Durable permanent magnetic rotor/impeller and fine ceramic shaft Specializing closed-type impeller for lower water loss bring higher efficiency High precision one-time injection magnetic rotor for stable lower vibration High temperature materials for liquid temperature ≥90℃ Low or no...

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Electric Instant Water Heater Pump Matching with Electric Instant water heater The TOPSFLO Water Pump TL - C01 is the qualified & specializing pump to be used in Electric Instant water heater / shower , Domestic water heating , Storage or Tankless or Solar water Heater , etc . As the water heater has been used widely , in household include cooking , cleaning , bathing , and space heating; in industry , hot water and water heated to steam has many uses , and pumps have become a pivotal concern for the adoption of such system in mission critical machines . High pressure , larger flow rate ,...

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Electric Instant Water Heater Pump Specifications Product Code Max Flow Rate (L/Min) Pump itself meet: /H/F (high temperature 100℃/ food grade) Special Instant Water Heater pump with aditional 0~5V wire for PWM speed adjustment function . (at 0V not working, at 5V run on full speed) TL-C01H/S/PV TL-C01H/S/PV-A24-1811-W 24(14V~32V) 55 16 2.2 11 (100℃) 1, Special submersible pump with 1.5M cable wire , can be powered by solar panel directly rated 12/24V 2, If used as /S (submersible) ONLY for liquid ≤60℃, ambient temperature ≤40℃ Other Booster Pumps Model Product Code Max Flow Rate (L/Min)...

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