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TOPSFLO Excellence in Micro pump,DC pump DC micro pumps, nutrient solution circulation submersible pumps, hydroponic pumps, soilless plant cultivation pump – Choose TOPSFLO Brand ! Hydroponics is a new indoor plant soilless cultivation method, also known as nutrient solution culture, its core is xed in the colonization of plant roots and root basket scattered into natural plant nutrient solution, this nutrient solution can replace natural soil provides moisture, nutrients, temperature and other factors to plant growth, so that the plant can grow normally and complete their life cycle. Hydroponic systems usually require a micro-pump for pumping nutrient solution, tochoose a right pump is very important for the entire device TOPSFLO miniature DC pump is the most professional hydroponic pumps , there are more than 10 years of experience, research and development of products specically for the hydroponics industry characteristics, the main advantages are: 1. Work Silent interference, indoor hydroponic plants can be cultivated; 2. Lifetime > 20,000 hours, without any maintenance for more than 10 years is guaranteed; 3. Closed impeller higher performance, lower power , mo environmentally friendly energy , compared to the same peer pump parameters , TOPSFLO higher pumpefciency of at least > 30% ; 4. Safety for submersible work, you can congure security special cable, cable length can be customized; 5 Specications for different types of hydroponic systems,TOPSFLO pumps have different parameters: small, medium, large hydroponic systems were A03 (2.75L, 1.5M), B04 / S (10L / min, 6M), C01 (24L / min, 11M) product match. For more information, please contact TOPS Micro Pump & Motor Tochnology Co.,Ltd No.188,Huanbao Rd.Huanbao Industrial Zone,Yuhua, Changsha,Hunan,410116,China Phone:86-731-82739266,Fax:86-731-82739255,

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