B03 - Brushless mini water pump,coffee pump


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TL-B03 Food Grade Brushless DC PumpTypical ApplicationsFeatures • Advanced magnetic driving technology, static -seal without any leakage forever • High efficiency ECM brushless DC motor with long lifetime • Heavy duty work, can sustain 24 hours conti-nuous running • Wide DC power supply voltage suitable for ba-ttery power supply with peak-low voltage • All wetted materials FDA approved to be of safety usage • Durable permanent magnetic rotor/impeller and fine ceramic shaft • IP protection level: IP68, submersible can be customized • Low or no maintenance • Blocked protection • Coffee maker, coffee machine • Water purifier, water dispenser • Beverage dispenser, juice machine • Instant boiling, chilled drinking water appliances • Water coolers Car screen wiperMaterials Wetted Parts

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Pump Shaft Water Housing Spécification Model Customization: 1. /H High temperature, liquid <100°C 2. /S Submersible, liquid <50°C 3. /FG (RPM) signal wire 4. / PWM or / 5V speed control TOPS Industry and Technology (Micro Pump & Motor) Co.,Ltd Phone:86-731-82739266 Fax:86-731-82739255 Excellence in Micro pump.DC pump E-mail:info@topsflo.com Web:www.topsflo.com

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