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Survey / Mapping CATALOGUE - 1

Survey / Mapping CATALOGUE

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Survey / Mapping CATALOGUE - 2

Always innovative Topcon is the worldwide leading developer and manu- facturer of precision positioning equipment and offers a wide selection of innovative Surveying, Engineering, GNSS systems, Laser, Machine Control solutions, Mobile Mapping At Topcon we know your geo-business world is getting in- creasingly competitive. Therefore it is vital to constantly in- vestigate and utilise each and every competitive advantage available with your positioning solutions to stay at the top of your profession. We pride ourselves in continually develop- ing innovative and potentially world leading...

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Survey / Mapping CATALOGUE - 3

Technologies Overview Topcon Technologies used in diverse fields of application TSshield™ – offers cloud-based support to maximise your LongLink™ – is our license-free long-range commun- VanGuard™ – Our VanGuard chipset is the most advanced total station investment. Receive updated information when cations technology for both GNSS and optical sensors. GNSS solution available. With 226 Universal Tracking chan- firmware is not up to date or view device information via LongLink enhances workflows in many ways; data collectors nels offering L1  L2  L5 triple-frequency support for mod/  /  a...

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Survey / Mapping CATALOGUE - 4

The world of precision The world of precision – Topcon solutions Topcon offers – The most complete range of Total Stations Whether you are looking for a Total Station for a small on the Market today. With an ongoing commitment to only construction project, a Robotic solution for Surveying or the best quality materials and ergonomic design characteris- a Monitoring Sensor, Topcon have the instrument to suit tics, every instrument in the range is manufactured to exact- your needs. Topcon’s ethos of providing the best quality ing standards. This results in Total Stations that have a build and...

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Survey / Mapping CATALOGUE - 5

Topcon solutions Topcon Imaging products – enable you to Capture Reality office with everything you need to deliver the end result, and record all the detail on your project. What you see is saving you time and money in the process. what you get; the products focus on this unique functional- From discrete point measurement to complete full colour ity and combine the strengths of clear visual and accurate pointclouds the Imaging portfolio provides the right tool for geometric information to allow you to communicate all every situation and scale of work. No job is too big or too job...

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Survey / Mapping CATALOGUE - 6

Total Stations – MS05AX / MS1AX MS AX – Measuring Stations Topcon's MS AX range of robotic total super precision 0.5" angular measurements and 0.5  mm stations are the highest precision sen- distance measurement. sors available. Whether your measurement task involves monitoring prisms on a dam wall, Featuring the revolutionary Matrix Detection Monitoring alignment observations through a tunnel or high accuracy technology, the MS AX can make the estabishment of large infrastructure layout, the MS AX is the perfect tool for the job. number targets on a monitoring or tunnelling project a rapid...

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Survey / Mapping CATALOGUE - 7

Total Stations – IS-301 / IS-303 / IS-305 IS-3 – Imaging Stations Take the power, accuracy and speed of the data communications, the IS-3 is the most advanced and innovative Topcon robotic instruments, powerful imaging robotic station available. Incorparating add our legendary imaging capabilities and our fast iSCAN measurement routine to enable thorough faster scanning speeds... and you have the IS-3. automated data collection defining your subject using real-time image capture: options include Feature Detection With dual wide angle and coaxial imaging sensors, superior or Grid Scan to...

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Survey / Mapping CATALOGUE - 8

Total Stations – PS-101 / PS-103 / PS-105 PS – Robotic Total Stations This new advanced solution features an The new RC-5 quick-lock sub-system improves prism incredible array of new and existing fea- searching and finding capabilities, whilst the IACS advanced tures, including TSshield for advanced angular accuracy and powerful & accurate EDM make this security and maintenance, PowerTrac tracking technology, the most advanced robotic total station available. IP65 environment rating and our exclusive LongLink™ – offering up to 600 m wireless communication. You can work directly on the...

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Survey / Mapping CATALOGUE - 9

Total Stations – ES-102 / ES-103 / ES-105 / ES-107 · OS-101 / OS-102 / OS-105 OS – Windows CE Total Stations / ES – Reflectorless Total Stations The OS Series – is an entirely new The ES Series – redefines construction grade total instrument based around a rugged stations, introducing a number of new features, all com- and weather proof IP65 magnesium- bined in a small lightweight package. It has an extended alloy construction, featuring Windows Mobile and running reflectorless range of up to 500 m and can also measure to MAGNET Field on board. Using our long range LongLink standard prisms...

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Survey / Mapping CATALOGUE - 10

Software – MAGNET Enterprise / MAGNET Office Topo MAGNET Enterprise / MAGNET Office Topo MAGNET Enterprise – The cloud-based environment that The heart of MAGNET Enterprise is a web browser environ- simplifies the maintenance and management of field and ment that runs with Widgets that allow complete configura- office data workflows. Track assets and communicate with tion of how you like to work, so that you have what you everyone involved in a project. Login from any browser for need, where and when you need it. All it takes is a web data exchange, internet chat, and to observe field...

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Survey / Mapping CATALOGUE - 11

Software – MAGNET Field / MAGNET Office Tools MAGNET Field / MAGNET Office Tools MAGNET Field – Available to run on our range of field Working with MAGNET Enterprise, your data can be trans- controllers as well as on board our OS reflectorless and PS ferred from MAGNET Field in real time to your office op- robotic total stations, MAGNET Field takes care of all your eratives running MAGNET Office, who can then carry out field operations from data transfer and management, con- required processing and then transfer the data back to the trol establishment, topographic survey, volume...

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