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SL-D Series - 1

SL-D Series Digital slit lamp

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SL-D Series - 2

Excellent optics, high quality digital slit lamp series Digital slit lamp SL-D series The Topcon SL-D series is a digital slit lamp series that combines high optical performance with versatile digital capability. The concept of the high quality digital slit lamp is based on the extensive range of optional digital capture devices that can be mounted on these outstanding clinical instruments. Paramount among these is the dedicated digital camera DC-4 with compact body that provides easy-to-capture and high quality digital images. These premium diagnostic instruments offer superior clinical...

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SL-D Series - 3

SL-D701 digital slit lamp LED light source, sharp, bright and homogeneous illumination halogen light source* Features | Illumination boost | Optional DC-4 digital camera - High resolution - Smart capture function - Still image with auto exposure function - Seamless integration - Infrared sensitivity | Blue Free Filter™ system for superior fluorescent viewing** | Optional BG-5 LED background illumination - Meibomian gland observation capability

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SL-D Series - 4

Advantages & benefits of LED LED light source The LED illumination source allows observation under a brighter, more homogeneous condition than the conventional halogen bulb source. The short wavelength of the LED spectrum enables the operator to see minute details such as flare in the anterior chamber and vitreous. Color temperature remains uniform when adjusting light intensity ensuring consistent viewing results throughout the entire eye's optical path. LED Features | Illumination boost | Brighter illumination enhances observation of the eye structures | LED wavelength characteristics...

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SL-D Series - 5

Additional filters Blue Free FilterTM system Topcon Blue Free Filter™ system can be carried out using the exciter filter and barrier filter. Tear flow details and scars can be clearly viewed with less glare or pooling. The Blue Free Filter™ system is only available on the SL-D701 Fluo model. This Blue Free Filter™ system consist of the combination of a special Exiter filter and Barrier filter which has special wave­engths l Blue Free FilterTM different from the conventional cobalt blue filter and yellow filter. This unique Exiter filter / Barrier filter combination ensures a homogeneous...

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SL-D Series - 6

Additional filters SL-D701 Amber filter A warmer, more pleasant tone of the skin and eye structures can be obtained by inserting the amber filter. This color correction filter produces a pleasant coloration that is especially useful in slit lamp imaging.

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SL-D Series - 7

Observation tube Applanation Tonometer Model R900 Monitor TV Still video Printer recorder TV relay lens bayonet mount 1/2 Topcon product Video camera Beam splitter TV relay lens C mount 1/2 Other products TV relay lens C mount 1/3 TV relay lens TL-54 (1/2C) Iris diaphragm SO-DF01 Background illumination BG-5 Yellow filter TV relay lens TL-55 (1/3C) Parallel binocular tubes PB-2 Digital camera 1/2C video camera (Adapter lens) Hruby lens 12.5x Eyepiece The one there is no click but with measurement scale. 12.5x Eyepiece The one there is click, and without scale. 12.5x Eyepiece Adapt cover...

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SL-D Series - 8

High performance, affordably The SL-D301 is a classic slit lamp ideal for all basic clinical examinations. With the halogen illumination and the 10/16/25 times magnification the SL-D301 is a high performance affordably priced slit lamp. The optional integrated digital camera DC-4 provides high quality imaging and video acquisition, making the SL-D301 a truly versatile digital slit lamp.

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SL-D Series - 9

Features Features | classic slit lamp ideal for all basic clinical A examinations | Smooth movements and time proven durability | ptional integrated digital camera provides simple O image & video acquisition System configuration Topcon products Other Products Applanation Tonometer Model R900 type LAN cable SO-LAN01 Digital camera unit DC-4 Insulating transformer Personal computer 12.5x Eyepiece The one there is click, and with scale. 12.5x Eyepiece The one there is click, and with measurement scale. 20x Eyepiece Trigger cable SO-TRIG01 Yellow lter unit 12.5x Eyepiece The one there is no...

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SL-D Series - 10

A complete range of digital-ready slit lamps is available to meet the clinical needs of every eyecare specialist. From the versatile SL-D2 and SL-D4 to the premier SL-D301 and SL-D701 photographic slit lamps. The SL-D series provide unprecedented image clarity, color fidelity image definition and light transmission. All SL digital slit lamps allow the DC-4 digital camera to be easily attached at any time, and all models incorporate an amber filter for high contrast fundus observation.

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SL-D Series - 11

Three magnifications digital slit lamp Five magnifications digital slit lamp The SL-D2 incorporates a parallel drum magnification Where the SL-D2 has three magnifications, the SL-D4 changer that allows for quick and easy selection has a parallel drum changer with five magnifications: between three convenient magnifications of 10x, 16x, and 25x. The SL-D2 offers the most cost-effective especially useful for corneal Endothelium observation. digital imaging solution with optimal clarity, color Suitable for a variety of ophthalmic applications, the resolution and depth of field. demanding...

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SL-D Series - 12

The DC-4 digital camera is built exclusively for the SL-D series to provide superb digital documentation. A variety of image capture modes can be employed including still or video images. The DC-4 integrates the beam splitter and the high-resolution digital camera into one unobtrusive compact system. The images captured by the DC-4 can be quickly downloaded to any PC imaging software package via a LAN cable. For more efficient patient database management, all SL-D digital slit lamps can be connected to Topcon IMAGEnet® Systems.

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SL-D Series - 13

Features Smart capture function With a simple push of the joystick trigger the operator can obtain a rapid series of images that are quickly saved for later revision and selection. The smart capture function minimizes failed images or blurry pictures, especially with children and non-cooperative patients. Live view When using the Capture software in conjunction with the DC-4, a real time live image will be seen on the monitor to facilitate centering and focusing. The live image can be used to show the eye condition to third party individuals for teaching and education. Sensitivity, shutter...

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