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Topcon jobsite automation - for a profitable site Topcon is a worldwide leading manufacturer of position- ing and control instruments and continues to set the world standard of precision positioning. Topcon aims at always improving the accuracy, durability and affordability in equipment for machine control and automation in con- Topcon's product portfolio includes a wide variety of eve- rything from optical measuring instruments and rotating lasers to machine control devices and satellite positioning equipment. All Topcon machine control products are scal- Regardless of the type of machine...

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Technologies Overview of technologies used in Topcon Machine Control solutions 2D Positioning – The most basic 2D control system uses 3D Positioning – With 3D machine control the engineers’ Millimeter GPS – The mmGPS system will give you mm the reference of a laser or sonic transmitter to set the blade, designs are directly loaded on a computer in the cabin of accuracy. By setting up a Laser Zone™ transmitter and sen- bucket or screed of your machine. Display indicators show the machine. The system continuously measures its actual sor on the machine, you finish grade with all benefits of...

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lobsite Control with Topcon Complete jobsite Control with Topcon Machine Control Systems Every construction jobsite is like operating a manufacturing process, with different steps and phases, all closely related and the next depending on the previous. The key to optimize the entire flow of activities in this process - to increase productivity and to reduce operating costs - is the automation of positioning and control work Topcon offers a complete suite of state-of-the-art solutions to manage your jobsite data and to efficiently run your production process, from automated control systems on...

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lobsite Control with Topcon surveying, planning Project phases - Each phase of the process has its own character. Clearing, rough grading, excavating, fine grading, finishing and paving - all related to each other even though clearly different types of machines are used. And in spite of having specific needs, technologies and users, the machines work together on one goal: to finish the job as soon and as The secret of dedicated solutions with an eye for the whole project is in the flexible usage of the same components on different machines. Topcon machine control systems are built up with...

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Excavator Systems – 2D Laser · 3D GPS Excavator Control Systems An excavator is a special machine to control as it is used in With Topcon’s excavator systems you will “get to grade” All Topcon machine control products are scalable and up- excavating work, material overhaul and even fine grading. faster, be more accurate and therefore save time, mate- gradeable. On top of this, all construction machinery using All moving parts need to be measured, which is done via rial and money. This goes especially for jobs such as road Topcon 3D systems are interfaced with the same software. highly...

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Excavator Systems – 2D Laser · 3D GPS DOZER SYSTEMS 3DXi System Network Ready – When a GPS/GPS+GLONASS reference network is available, the machine receiver can pick the correction signals up using GSM and N-Trip. Via this way a base station is eliminated and the excavator system is even more flexible. 7

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Dozer Systems – 2D Laser · 3D LPS · 3D GPS · 3D mmGPS · 3DMC2 Dozer Control Systems Your dozer appears in the process where mass material With Topcon dozer systems you will dramatically increase All dozer control systems are part of a modular system. needs to be spread; usually at sub-base level. To automate the jobsite’s productivity. Especially in accurate dozer And all Topcon machine control solutions are upgradeable dozers, Topcon offers both 2D and 3D solutions. With these spreading they eliminate the need for motor graders in the back and forth. On top of this, all construction...

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Dozer Systems - 2D Laser - 3D LPS - 3D CPS - 3D mmCPS - 3DMC2 Increase dozer speed by up to 200% over existing 3D systems trolled machines! 3DMC2 provides position updates at a rate of 100 times per second. The MC2 sensor uses inertials to measure the roll, pitch, yaw and acceleration of the dozer Smoothness and grading accuracy are comparable to motor 3D mmGPS control can be used in case millimeter accuracy is required, featuring Topcon's unique LazerZone™ technology. By setting up the Lazer Zone™ transmitter and sensor on your dozer, you will increase the accuracy of the GPS+GLONASS...

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Motor Grader Systems – 2D Laser · 2D Sonic · 3D LPS · 3D GPS · 3D mmGPS Motor Grader Control Systems The motor grader’s purpose is to finish grade of the rough With motor grader systems you will increase the jobsite’s All Topcon motor grader control solutions are upgradeable grading carried out by heavy equipment as scrapers and productivity, especially when stakes or stringlines are elimi- back and forth, using the same slope, rotation and mainfall bulldozers. To automate motor graders, Topcon offers both nated. 3D design models replace the stakes and stringlines sensors. Investing in a...

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Motor Grader Systems - 2D Laser ■ 2D Sonic ■ 3D LPS ■ 3D CPS ■ 3D mmCPS 3D mmGPS control is used in case milli- meter accuracy is required. By setting up the Lazer Zone™ transmitter and sensor on the machine, you will increase the accuracy of the GPS+GLONASS elevation to laser level and finish grade with all the benefits of GPS+GLONASS flexibility and the accuracy of a Total Station.

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Paver Systems - 2D Laser ■ 2D Sonic ■ SAS ■ 3D LPS ■ 3D mmCPS Paver Control Systems | Spreading material with a paver in the last phase is different from spreading material in — earlier stages, as material and mistakes are expensive. Therefore it is critical to have the right system to achieve the job. You can also add laser receivers for projects in which lasers can be utilized such as airport jobs. It is easy to upgrade your Paver System V to the latest 3D mmGPS Machine Control. Paver System V Features-Your paving job dictates which combination of Sonic Trackers, Slope Sensor, laser...

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