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Topcon Lasers: designed to fit personal needs Topcon is a worldwide leading developer and manufacturer of precision positioning equipment and offers a wide se- lection of innovative Laser, GPS systems, Machine Control The current laser program is the result of a rich history in the measuring industry, a market driven R&D department and our dedication to provide you with solutions that fit your personal needs The Topcon laser range is far ahead of the competition in terms of functionality and quality. Topcon lasers are fast, dependable, durable, and accurate and technologies like Topcon's...

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Self-leveling Construction Laser RL-H4C series - Horizontal, slope and long range capabili- ties in one tough package. Its super-fast self-leveling motors are accurate to 1.5mm per 30m meaning whether you're checking grade or setting batter boards you're going to be accurate the first time. Its high-power diode means you have a 800 m diameter working radius making it a great reference for machine mounted receivers. All of these features plus rechargeable battery operation makes the RL-H4C actually offers the functionality of three lasers in one. *1) Handreceiver: LS-80L, 2) Holder for...

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Multi-Task Slope Laser Rugged dual slope laser with multi-task functionality - When you need a laser for horizontal, single slope, dual slope and vertical applications don't look further. The RL-SV2S high accuracy dual slope laser sets new standards for simplicity. Rugged, lightweight and compact, it's twice the laser at an amazingly affordable price The RL-SV2S with vertical function, large backlit high- contrast graphical display and possibilities to change grade, select menu settings, check operational status and even verify battery life, all without touching the laser *1) Remote...

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Slope Laser The new standard in construction slope lasers - Topcon's all new RL-100 Series sets new standards for simplicity and accuracy. Rugged, lightweight, and compact, it's twice the laser at an amazingly affordable price Choose from two models, RL-100 single slope or RL-100 dual slope. The RL-100 IS provides single slopes from -5% up to +25% and comes complete with Topcon's new LS-80A laser receiver, sensor, sensor holder and battery pack + charger Ready to work. The RL-1002S provides dual slopes up to +/- 10% in the X-axis or up to and industry leading -5% to 25% in the Y-axis. The...

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TP-L4 Series Pipe Laser The TP-L4 series of alignment lasers offer a combination of When combined with features like SmartLine® auto- features and technology that have proven to meet the de- alignment, the world’s most accurate grade mecha- mands of contractors more than any other alignment lasers nism, power options that keep you working when other on the market. lasers have given up, it’s no wonder Topcon has set the standard. Whether in the trenches, over-the-top, or laser guidance in There are four TP-L4 models to choose from, which means mining and tunneling, the TP-L4 is the industry...

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Machine Control Laser Receiver LS-BWO/110 Series - Advanced technology, value-priced laser receivers for dozers, scrapers, excavators, backhoes, and drag-boxes. All LS-B100/LS-B110 receivers feature simple, secure mechanical mounting, 360° beam detection, adjustable on-grade accuracy, water and dust proof cast construction, and bright multi-color LED displays. Compatible with Topcon's family of Control Boxes for all yourearth moving equipment the LS-B110 can also be used in "automatic" mode to hydraulically control the elevation and/or the slope of the cutting edge. This takes production...

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X-22 Excavator Grade Control System The X-22 2D excavator system offers wireless grade control for any excavator. It increases quality and produc- tivity. The system is completely wireless, fast to install, easy to use and flexible to swap between machines. The X-22 simply meets to all of you job site needs, like: flat plane, single slope, dual slope, bucket defined slope, trench, * Optional tilt bucket sensor

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RL-VH4 Series / LC-4X Multi Purpose Rotating Laser RL-VH4 series – Complete, dependable, durable, accurate, three power options for convenience and flexibility: Alka- visible and affordable – Compact in design with integrat- line, rechargeable and AC run/charge. ed handle and weighing only 2,6  the RL-VH4DR and kg, The series provides up to twice as many hours of opera- RL-VH4G2 are truly portable and easy to set-up. tion from one set of alkaline batteries as other lasers. Four Now you have the power to work the way you always want- times more visible with the GreenBeam® version. This is...

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AT-B Series / DT-209 Automatic Level / Theodolite AT-B2/AT-B3/AT-B4 – Automatic levels – Three choices... With the IPX6 rating, the instrument is protected against limitless applications. One thing in common: Topcon preci- powerful water jets from all directions, meaning the AT-B sion. All AT-B series levels feature a finely tuned magnetic series withstands a sudden shower or torrential rainfall. The damping system with a superior resistance to cold, heat advanced protection design also deters clouding or conden- and shock. sation inside the telescope. Horizontal angles can be directly read...

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Product / application matrix Product / application matrix Applications H Construction H Interior H Technic H Finishing General Construction Page 3

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About Us Additionally, Topcon has produced the first and only With over 75 years worth of experience in the manufacture, distribution and support of products, Topcon is available millimetre GPS + system, and is the first to well placed to offer comprehensive support to cater for offer a true GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System); all your needs. dual frequency, dual constellation, GPS plus GLONASS geodetic grade receivers. Established in 1932, the Topcon Group today is repre- Investment in research and development leading to in- sented by a workforce of over 6,000. Topcon developes,...

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