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CA-800 - 1


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CA-800 - 2

The CA-800 is extremely easy to handle and use. From image acquisition to analysis, the on-board software is intuitive and user-friendly and the 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen provides quick navigation. Visual guidance supports fast and easy alignment and focusing on the eye; the "best image” selection mode automatically acquires the best-focused image. The CA-800 is a placido-based topography system that delivers accurate, high resolution images of the anterior corneal surface. The keratoscope cone with 24 rings equally spaced on a 43D sphere analyses over 100,000 data points with axial...

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CA-800 - 3

Accurate, full examination of the anterior corneal surface CA-800 - Corneal Analyzer CA-800 fully featured Topography map | Map full screen mode | Ring editing | Keratoconus screening (KPI) | Full 3D map of corneal surface | Automated best image selection OD/OS results on same screen Corneal wavefront (Zernike) analysis Corneal surface height map Comparison map | Reviewing of previous patient examinations Differential map | Post-operative monitoring of corneal healing Pupillometry | Automated pupil recognition | Dynamic, Photopic, Mesopic & Scotopic | Latency graph Real time fluorescein...

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CA-800 - 4

Patient database & acquisition Topography ODS on one screen "A Aberrometry 3 Height map "w Comparison & differential map Pupillometry ^ Fluorescein imaging White to white Meibography Tear film breakup time Patient ID IOL calculation & contact lens fitting Keratometry & indices Keratoconus screening Ring editing Report printing 3D map Display options Full screen mode Display options

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CA-800 - 5

CA-800 - Corneal Analyzer Acquisition The CA-800 is easy to use. Visual signals support fast and easy alignment and focusing on the patients eye. The CA-800 has a right and left eye detection and prevents incorrect savings in right/left eye measurements. The automated best image selection mode in the software of the CA-800 decides the best focused position and automatically acquires the image. Acquisitions can be made for topography, pupillo-metry and real time fluorescein imaging. Keratoconus screening With the CA-800, signs of asymmetry of the cornea can easily be detected even in an...

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CA-800 - 6

All features accessible on just one screen Corneal comparison & differential map With the CA-800, it is easy to compare topography maps between two examinations of a patient, which can be used for follow up and for pre- and post-­ operative corneal analysis. With the differential map, progress in recovery of the cornea can be observed after refractive surgery. Parameters such as keratometry, apical curvature and corneal symmetry can be analyzed to follow the development of any corneal surface changes. The CA-800 comparison and differential maps help you with the treatment of collagen cross...

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CA-800 - 7

CA-800 - Corneal Analyzer Meibomian gland analysis With the infra-red illumination of the CA-800, the Meibomian Glands of the upper and lower eyelid can be captured and analyzed. Posterior blepharitis is the most common form of lid margin disease. MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction) can cause or exacerbate dry eye symptoms and eyelid inflammation. The oil glands become blocked with thickened secretions. Chronically clogged glands eventually become unable to secrete oil which results in permanent changes in the tear film and dry eyes. With the CA-800, MGD can easily be observed and compared...

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CA-800 - 8

Tear film breakup time analysis Dry eye syndrome is a growing public health concern causing visual disturbance due to tear film instability. The CA-800 offers a comprehensive analysis of the tear film by using the Blink detection and Tear Breakup Time measuring modes. Blink detection The Blink detection records the patient blinks over a period of time. Blinks are automatically detected the average blinks per minute and blinks interval are calculated. The summary of the Blink analysis includes: IBI Average: average Inter-Blink Interval, used to calculate the Ocular Protection Index (OPI) IBI...

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CA-800 - 9

The DICOM panel in the CA-800 connectivity section allows the user to set the needed parameters for the connections to the available DICOM features: | Modality Worklist | Patient Root Query | Storage | Storage Commitment

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CA-800 - 10

IMAGEnet®6 Compliance IMAGEnet®6 viewer software IMAGEnet®6 is Topcon’s web based digital software platform for ophthalmic imaging, capable of acquiring, displaying, enhancing, analyzing, and saving digital images and reports obtained with a variety of Topcon devices such as the CA-800. IMAGEnet®6 provides flexibility of viewing Biometry, Keratometry, Pupillometry data and all available CA-800 exported reports in a network environment. There are a variety of software configurations available. Additional components can be added according to your clinic’s needs. Screenshot of Biometry data in...

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CA-800 - 12

Reports Pupillometry

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CA-800 - 13

Reports Zernike analysis 'ola Ahnnvrioo (OPD) ToLh ALerr^tion fOPD) Spherical Aber. Spherical Aber. High Order High Order

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CA-800 - 14

Reports Contact lens fitting

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CA-800 - 15

Patient Information

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CA-800 - 16

Specifications Keratoscope cone 24 rings equally distributed on a 43D sphere Analysed points Measured points Corneal coverage Up to 9,8mm on a sphere of radius 8,00mm (42,2 diopters with N=1.3375) Diopter power range Accuracy / Precision axial radius Capture system Auto-focus with auto-capture Output ports LCD 10,1 inch capacitive touch screen Dynamic, Photopic, Mesopic, Scotopic Image, Video Corneal map, Comparison map, Contact lens, Height map, Zernike analysis, Pupillometry, Toric IOL, Screenshot, Meibomian glands, Tear Film Breakup Time Report Working environment 10°-40°C, Relative...

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