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3D Construction Solutions Keep your projects on time and under budget. We have the leadingedge hardware, software, and mobile solutions you need to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and better manage resources. Our extensive industry knowledge and expertise help you get the job done right and stay on top. Get accurate, flexible 3D construction solutions that: • Reduce time in the field and improve material management • Allow machines to remain productive anywhere on the job site • Provide instant data transfer to or from active job sites Get it right the first time, handle more...

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Streamline Phases and Processes Control each phase of your operation with technology and solutions that scale to handle the size and scope of any project, and easily manage tasks including: • Scheduling and planning • Clearing and grubbing • Roughing in subgrade • Utilities installation • Finish subgrade • Place base material • Finish base material • Trimming • Paving • Compaction • Job site management • Machine management • Operator management

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Excavation Move the correct amount of material to precisely designated areas, and increase safety on site – graphical mass haul planning software manages materials from the beginning, saving time and increasing profit margins. When paired with automated haul truck systems that control loads and dumps, you achieve a “virtual eye” of visibility at every project. Hit the right depth every time, even when digging “in the blind” on deep trenching or underwater jobs. Our 3D excavator control systems feature clear audible alarms, LED light bars, and display real-time elevation and slope informat

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Rough Grading Control your machines and material from start to finish with end-to-end solutions that increase your speed, productivity, and efficiency. We help you accomplish rough grading projects like excavating trenches, dozing landfills, or hauling materials off site with more ease and greater profitability. By combining equipment hardware with web-based technology, our 3D solutions give you better blade control and collect data as you cut to grade. Confidently measure the exact position, cross slope, and heading of your cutting edge on any surface, including steep slopes and complex...

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Fine Grading Install our solutions to move more material in fewer passes at higher speeds, and confidently grade to even the most complex designs. Our automatic grade control systems cut to final grade quickly and accurately. We help you position base material and place final aggregate with reliable, intuitive operations that keep job site tolerances in mind. For example, our 3D-MC solutions double the performance of any operator on any terrain compared to existing 3D systems, so you’ll save time and fuel at every pass. The combination of our inertial sensor technology with our GNSS...

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Finishing Stay in total control on each phase of your project. Our products are interchangeable and offer unique control and communication methods for various types of machines. From milling to asphalt and concrete paving to final compaction passes, we’ve got you covered. Building on our previous solutions gives you premier grade automation for asphalt and concrete pavers along with milling machines. No more cranking—it’s automatic, for enhanced rideability, increased production rates and compatibility. Our 3D milling solutions deliver precise 3D profiling from a 3D design model to...

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GX-55/GX-75 Tactile Control Box High-quality machine control graphical displays in two size formats to let you select the one that best fits your needs. The GX-55 conserves space in smaller machine cabs, while the larger GX-75 provides more viewable screen area. They can both handle rugged field conditions while instantly displaying the real-time location of the machine, bucket, etc. and project design information. • Sunlight-viewable, color, touchscreen LCDs • GX-55 in 6.5 inch format • GX-75 in larger 10 inch format • Integrated grade indicator LEDs • Weather protected USB port for easy...

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MC-X1/GR-i3/TS-i3 (500) Future-proof Machine Control The compact and ruggedized MC-X1 machine controller supports current 2D/3D indicate systems. Combined with the versatile new multiconstellation GR-i3 GNSS receivers and fast 500 kbps TS-i3 (500) single/dual slope sensors; this system is ready now and provides a future-proof platform for all pending enhancements/upgrades. • Reduced form-factor MC-X1 controller is easily mounted in a congested service bay • Versatile GR-i3 GNSS receivers are integrated into the Z-Stack system for easy inclusion of prism tracking and removable for other uses...

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Pocket 3D Verify Grades, Stake Placements and Locate Utilities Get the power of location based site management for foreman and grade checkers. Easily verify grades, reset stakes, and locate utilities on site. • Check grade, verify cut and fill • Calculate volume quantities and as-builts • Secure connection to Sitelink3D™ for instant data transfer MAGNET® Construction Design and Estimating Software Perform takeoff calculations and build a complete road design from one software module. All your cuts and fills are shown in 3D. Easily generate volume, price, and material reports, and export...

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Sitelink3D™ Job Site Management From site to office, Sitelink3D™ gives you the connectivity and control to keep your jobs moving and on target. From your desk, you have remote access and support to every machine, file transfers to one or many, messaging, and advanced volume reporting. • Constant connection to all active job sites • Visibility and tracking • Remote access and support Sitelink3D™ Enterprise Plan, Schedule and Report Do more with your data and create customized reports from your desk. Sitelink3D™ gives you the ability to better manage your material in real time. Plan,...

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