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Water up to 90 °C Heating capacity 3 kW Cooling capacity 30 kW @ 90°C Water temperature control unit Cooling system indirect Applications: moulds up to 50 kg, rollers up to 80 mm Ø, length 300 mm Compact temperature control system ▪ Self-optimizing temperature controller with temperature display 1/10°C – steps ▪ Display in °C or °F and l/min or gal/min ▪ Automatic temperature control ▪ Automatic water filling ▪ Submersible sealless pump made from bronze ▪ Limescale free heat exchanger ▪ Corrosion resistant device for a long service life ▪ All parts in contact with water are made of stainless steel or bronze ▪ Unit on castors Safety features ▪ Level control for dry run protection ▪ Electronic temperature limitation and monitoring in the controller ▪ Mechanical safety thermostat ▪ Visual and acoustic fault indications ▪ Integrated circuit breakers ▪ Main switch, transformer and motor protection switch

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Cooling Capacity Pump Capacity = Cooling capacity at 12°C cooling water temperature = In practice achievable values permanent bypass considered Technical data Product attribute Temperature range Temperature control TT-170 Up to 90°C with water Self-optimizing, electronic microprocessor controller MP-888 with digital display of the set and actual value. Automatic temperature monitoring. Heating capacity Cooling capacity Pump capacity Motor Pressure mode Max. 2,2 bar / max. 15,2 l/min. at 50 Hz - see diagram Max. 2,9 bar / max. 19,1 l/min. at 60 Hz - see diagram Filling amount Connections...

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