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Water up to 90°C Heating capacity 6 kW | 12 kW | 18 kW Cooling capacity 100 kW @ 90°C Water temperature control unit Cooling system direct Applications: moulds, plates Compact, direct cooled temperature control system ▪ Self-optimizing temperature controller with temperature display 1/10°C – steps ▪ Display in °C to or °F and l/min or gal/min ▪ Digital flow display and monitoring ▪ Automatic temperature control TT-108 E ▪ Switchover for temperature control on the mould ▪ Heating switchable in stages ▪ Pressure display ▪ Automatic or manual refill ▪ Automatic mould drainage ▪ Leakstopper device – operation in pressure and vacuum mode possible ▪ Submersible sealless pump made from bronze ▪ Powerful direct cooling ▪ Corrosion resistant device for a long service life ▪ All parts in contact with water are made of stainless steel or bronze ▪ Unit on castors Safety features ▪ Level control for dry run protection ▪ Electronic temperature limitation and monitoring in the controller ▪ Mechanical safety thermostats ▪ Visual and acoustic fault indications ▪ Integrated circuit breakers ▪ Main switch, transformer and motor protection switch

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Cooling capacity Pump capacity = Cooling capacity at 12°C cooling water temperature = In practice achievable values permanent internal bypass considered Technical data Product attribute Temperature range Temperature control Self-optimizing, electronic microprocessor controller MP-888 with digital display of the set and actual value. Automatic temperature monitoring. Flow control Electronically, with digital display and automatic control of the minimum flow. Heating capacity Switchable in stages Cooling capacity Pump capacity Motor Pressure mode Vacuum mode Filling amount Connections Medium...

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