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System 1 Fittings for Rigid Assembly Systems


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System 1 Fittings for Rigid Assembly Systems - 1

Double locking carcase screw Zinc diecast for precision Titus Double locking carcase screw makes an almost invisible connection Collar under the head to pull panels together 2nd ‘lower' thread pulls against a ‘faster' thread to provide maximum connection force and prevents overdriving of fastener Almost invisible in position Head can be ‘fastcapped' or filled Hi-Lo™ carcase construction screw The Hi-Lo™ carcase construction screw (CCS) offers a strong, tolerant and cost effective connection with minimal panel preparation. The combination effect of the elements of a Hi-Lo™ screw means • A greater differential between drive torque and strip torque in fibrous and particle materials to ensure a reliable and repeatable fixing • Hi-Lo™ threads provide minimum bursting forces • ‘Hi' thread gives low bursting component force from the sharp 30 degree angle thread • ‘Lo' thread at 60 degree angle uses the vertical force component to press fibrous and particle components of panels onto the ‘Hi' thread and are contained by their greater height • The very small shank on a Hi-Lo™ screw means less material displacement than conventional threads and enables minimum or partial drilling of pilot holes for quicker panel processing Barrel nut (plastic) • Used with Titus Hi-Lo™ screws • Titus barrel nuts provide maximum strip torque for reasonable drive torque • Capable of multiple reconnection repeatability Cover caps • Available in multiple colours • All recess and head types offered • High quality engineering polymers used in their construction • Uniformity of holding with good tolerance • Wide range of application and use conditions

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System 1 Fittings for Rigid Assembly Systems - 2

System 1 Fittings for Rigid Assembly Systems Double Locking Carcase Screw Technical and mounting details · High performance from widely spaced primary thread · Finer secondary thread provides additional holding power and positive stop (no override) · Increased support for vertical panel is gained from the funnel head with collar at its base · One-piece fitting Item number 1. Insert screw to shoulder in face board 2. Screw into Ø5mm hole 3. Board joint pulled up by collar on screw 4. Board locked in place by screw

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System 1 Fittings for Rigid Assembly Systems - 3

System 1 Fittings for Rigid Assembly Systems Hi-Lo™ Screw and Barrel Nut Hi-Lo™ screws have a twin thread for faster insertion ‘Hi' threads and ‘Lo' threads combine to give excellent pull out in chipboard Funnel head design means no countersinking Steel is case hardened for extra strength Technical and mounting details Item number Drive type hexagonal drive cross slot *American market only Other colours on request B^ B - nominal adjust to suit application

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System 1 Fittings for Rigid Assembly Systems - 4

Screws with crosshead PZ2 screwdriver or alien key slot Decorative cover caps are available in different colours Technical and mounting details 0 1000 Pcs Cover caps for connecting screws

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