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Cam5000 - 1

Superior Strength for Greater ‘Confidence in Use’ Titus New Generation Cam5000 • Highly resistant joint • Great dowel pull-up • Effective performance in a wider tolerance range • Smooth tightening action

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Cam5000 - 2

Cam5000 Superior Strength for Greater ‘Confidence in Use’ Highly resistant joint for stronger cabinet construction Reinforced cam evenly engages the hole and prevents cam tilting Balanced force distribution prevents cam bursting while tightening small bursting angle Increased joint resistance enables effective performance in wider tolerance range The cabinet construction remains strong even with multiple assemblies Reliable and comfortable locking Improved linear cam profile ensures smooth tightening action and greater dowel pull-up Smooth and noticeable locking at 2 o’clock guarantees: ∙...

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Cam5000 - 3

Optimal performance with all Titus dowels Quickfit TL, Quickfit, Combi, end, double ended, angled and other screw-in dowels Cam5000 retains all the standard features of Titus cam family Proven in four decades of designing and providing cam and dowel solutions to world’s largest RTA manufacturers Cam retaining pips ensure the cam is held in panel position prior to assembly Titus ‘Klix’ locking system ensures the engagement of the interlocking teeth providing vibration proof joint and rigid construction that will not loosen in transit or service Technical and mounting details Drilling depth D...

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Cam5000 - 4

United Kingdom Titus, Dekani Titus International, London TitusPlus, Dekani Titus Technologies, Dekani/ Lama Automation, Dekani Titus Tool Company, Sherburn in Elmet United States Titus Tool Company, Chicago Titus SZ Components, Shenzen Titus Polska, Poznań TitusPlus Iberia, Barcelona Titus Tool Company, Seattle CRO-Lama, Zagreb Titus Tool Company, Singapore TitusPlus Italia, Treviso Indonesia PT Titus Tekform Indonesia, Tangerang Selatan Headquater Distribution point Australia Production Titus Tekform, Sydney Titus Tekform, Townsville Titus Tekform, Tasmania Titus Tekform, Newscastle Titus...

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