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Timken Thrust & Plain Bearings Catalog - 40 Pages

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Timken Thrust & Plain Bearings Catalog

Catalog excerpts

SPHERICAL PLAIN Overview: Timken's spherical plain bearings consist of a spherically ground inner ring housed in a mating outer ring without any rolling elements.  Sizes: 12.7 mm - 600 mm bore (0.5 in. - 23.622 in.). Օ Markets: Construction, mining, metals, power generation, oils and gas, aggregate, paper and forest products.  Applications: Articulation joints, A-frames, cylinders (steering, lift, tilt, dump), struts, traction bars. Օ Features: Lubrication grooves and holes, seals to retain lubricant and prevent contamination, special materials available.  Benefits: Can carry radial and...

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Spherical Plain Bearings One, two, or three digit "Sries" number. For inch sries, the number indicates the nominal bore size (e.g., 10 is 1.00 in.) or an approximate bore size (e.g., 17 is 1.75 in.). For metric s驩ries, the number indicates the exact bore size (e.g., 40 is 40 mm). Seal Designator: TT reinforced rubber seals SS synthetic resin seals 7 SF 12 SS SF spherical plain type (radial inch); single fractured outer ring SFH spherical plain type (radial inch); single fractured outer ring, wide inner ring SBB spherical plain type (radial inch); double fractured outer ring SBT spherical...

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SPHERIAL PLAIN BEARINGS INTRODUCTION The spherical plain bearing has a spherically shaped inner ring with a ground cylindrical bore for shaft mounting. The cylindrical outer surface of the outer ring permits convenient mounting in a housing. Spherical plain bearings offer the following advantages: ە High capacity  Ability to accommodate misalignment Օ Superior performance in low frequency oscillating applications  Simplified housing and shaft design Օ Easy installation  Radial types available with seals For all types of spherical plain bearings, both the inner and outer rings are...

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Spherical Plain Bearings INTERNAL CLEARANCES Radial internai clearance is defined as the total possible movement of the inner ring relative to the outer ring in a radial direction. Axial internal clearance is the total possible movement of the inner relative to the outer ring in an axial direction. Radial internal clearances listed for the SF and FS Series are for finish ground, unmounted bearings prior to fracture of the outer ring. The molybdenum disulfide coating reduces this clearance by a maximum of .05 mm (.002 in.). The maximum interference fits using suggested housing and shaft...

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SPHERICAL PLAIN BEARINGS In many applications, the degree of misalignment of the radial types of spherical plain bearings is determined by the side clearance between the yoke and the bearing housing as illustrated. When the bearing is mounted without such restrictions, a larger misalignment can be accommodated: a is the maximum angle of misalignment for sealed bearings as illustrated. If a is exceeded, the seal lips will slide off the spherical surface. Seal effectiveness is then lost and damage to the seal lip will occur if contact is made between the seal lip and shaft shoulder. Greater...

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Spherical Plain Bearings The housing should be strong enough to support the loads applied to the bearings without distortion or risk of fatigue damage. When using a housing of the type illustrated, with a load applied in directions "X" or "Y", the compressive yield strength of the housing material should be greater than the applied load divided by (Ba D). When the load is applied in direction "Y", the yield strength of the housing in tension should be greater than the applied load times K/Ba(Da-D), where K is a stress concentration factor from Table 1. The suggested housing bore tolerances...

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SPHERICAL PLAIN BEARINGS LUBRICATION (SF, FS, SBT) The dry film lubricant (M0S2) is sufficient for static applications and for relatively short periods of dynamic operation. The bonds between the rings and MoS2 coating may be destroyed by any fluid including oils, greases and water. Any abrasive material present on the dynamic bearing surfaces will ruin the MoS2 coating. If the bearing is subjected to such operating or environmental conditions, it is necessary to relubricate frequently. The radial bearings, both with and without seals, have lubricating holes and grooves in both the inner...

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Spherical Plain Bearings MOUNTING The housing bore dimensions given below are applicable to bearings mounted in steel. ^ Due to fracturing, the outer ring may be slightly out-of-round. Roundness will be restored, however, when the bearing is mounted in a housing of sufficient cross section. ^ The preferred shaft tolerance is g6 as listed below per ANSI B4.1. To obtain a shaft interfթrence fit, refer to the m6 tolerance limits listed in the Shaft Diameter Tolerance table on page B422. LOAD RATING ^ The "dynamic load rating" is the maximum load suggested for extended life with periodic...

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Bail and Roller Thrust Bearings From the three-digit "Sries" number, it is known this is an inch size bearing. "50" is read as "5.0" and represents approximate or actual bore. The series number (always three numerals) represents a specific size cage assembly. 50 TVB A A XXX J modification descriptive of to outer ring modification code TVB thrust bail bearings TVL angular contact thrust bail bearings DTVL angular contact thrust bail bearings - upper and lower complment of balls TSR thrust spherical roller bearings TTVF thrust tapered roller bearings TTVS thrust tapered roller bearings - with...

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ROLLER BEARINGS INTRODUCTION Six basic designs of bail and roller thrust bearings are available: bail, cross roller, cylindrical, machine tapered (TTHD, V-Flat, Screwdown), stamped tapered and spherical tapered roller. Dimensional data for all styles are presented in order by bore size. Engineering data such as tolerances, shaft and housing fits, and life and load rating calculations are found in the engineering section of this catalog. BEARING TYPES BALL THRUST BEARINGS Ball thrust bearings provide optimum performance in high-speed installations, particularly where loads are generally...

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