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Timken Super Precision Bearings and Bearing Products


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Timken Super Precision Bearings and Bearing Products - 2

n 1936, an ingenious New England inventorproduced a tiny ball bearing to replace a jewel in a family heirloom. Winslow Pierce not onlyrepaired his fathers watch, he founded an entireindustry. His industry made possibleinstrumentation that travels millions of miles into space and settles softly and accurately on a distantplanet; dental handpieces that operate painlessly athalf a million revolutions per minute; aircraft thatnavigate precisely through darkness and adverseweather. Literally hundreds of various devicesemploy the millions of ball bearings producedevery year.Some three years after...

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Timken Super Precision Bearings and Bearing Products - 75

Specializing in solving unique application problems. Manufacturing a full range of standard instrument bearings. Producing special miniature bearings as small as .059 OD. Excelling in producing precision rotating assemblies. > imken Super Precision produces a wide range ofbearing products serving the aircraft/aerospace,computer, dental, medical, and numerous otherindustries. For more information on our products,consult your Timken Super Precision Sales Engineer, or contact Inside Sales, Timken Super Precision, P.O. Box 547, Keene, New Hampshire 03431. Tel. (603) 352-0310. Visit our web site...

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