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Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Units


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Advantages of Split Cylindrical Roller Bearings Page 5 Industry Applications Page 6 Features and Benefits Page 7 Standard Unit Anatomy Page 8 Quick Reference Guide Page 9 Bearing Types Page 11 Support Types Page 12 Range Comparison Page 13 Bearing Selection Page 14 Axial Load Considerations Page 18 Support Loads Page 20 Bearing Frequencies Page 21 Shaft Considerations Page 23 Sealing Arrangements Page 24 Bearing Lubrication Page 27 Assembly and Maintenance Page 29 Shipping Weights Page 36 Light Series Product Page 37 Medium Series Product Page 49 Heavy Series Product Page 60 Triple...

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Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Units - 3

In today's demanding industrial environment, specialist technology is, more than ever, key to improved efficiency, productivity and ultimately profitability. Timken Revolvo, is increasingly seen as a Product Brand, which routinely challenges technological boundaries. Rapid response and flexibility are provided from a production facility manufacturing not only split cylindrical roller bearing assemblies but also cutting edge products for aerospace and motor sport. The unique relationship between manufacturer and distributors combined with innovative cellular manufacturing and modular...

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Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Units - 4

Innovation in Service Producing products that push the boundaries of performance is only the beginning. Timken recognizes users and specifiers of split roller bearing logistical, technical and after sales support. Experienced application engineering support is available to assist customers with concepts through consultation, commissioning, training, supply and post installation support. Cellular manufacture, modular stocking, logistical experti e and unique distributor/manufacturer interfaces provide excellent availability of product in the right place at the right time. A team of design...

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Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Units - 5

Advantages of Split Cylindrical Roller Bearings Split Cylindrical Roller Bearings are essential in applications involving limited access and are highly cost effective where down time due to change-outs results in significant production losses. Split cylindrical roller bearings are completely split to the shaft. Installation and inspection times are therefore dramatically less than for solid bearings. Additionally the time saved and costs eliminated by not having to remove ancillary equipment results in even higher potential savings. Inspection Simplified No matter what the size or type of...

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Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Units - 6

Industry Applications Target Markets Application Bulk Terminals Construction Materials Forest Products and Timber Mining Power and Generation Quarrying Pulp Refining Water and and Sugar Treatment Paper Petrochem Ancillary Equipment Crankshafts Fans and Blowers Gearboxes and transmissions Heat Exchangers Pumps and Pump Drives Mechanical Handling Continous Casters Conveyors Cooling Beds Elevators Line Shafting Lumber tables and stackers Overhead Cranes Screw conveyors Bucket Wheels Stacker Reclaimers Process Equipment Ball Mill Drives Ball Mill Trunnions Cane knives and slicers Drum Drier...

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Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Units - 7

All components are totally split to the shaft Quick and easy installation. Substantial reduction in downtime compared to replacement of solid bearings Support caps and housing halves are quickly removed Easy visual inspection to assess the condition of the bearing (during planned maintenance) Replacement bearing interchangeability with existing housing Simple and economic bearing replacement Unit accommodates initial misalignment Simplifies installation of associated equipment Machined brass cage as standard Enhanced ability to accommodate higher speeds and temperatures Innovative cage clip...

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Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Units - 8

Standard Unit Anatomy Outer Race Cage and Rollers Clamp Rings Inner Race Cage Clip Support Base

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Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Units - 9

Quick Reference Guide In order to provide our customers with clear and concise labelling, Timken has endeavoured to things simple when creating references. The following should cover the majority of ordering situations, however, as always, your local Timken sales engineer will be pleased to assistance if required. Additional Suffixes Bearing Size (Shaft Size) Series Prefix For most commonly used bearings this will be either; LS Light Series MS Medium Series HS Heavy Series Imperial sizes are given in inches followed by 16ths. Metric sizes are given in millimetres (mm) e.g.; 27/16 inches –...

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Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Units - 10

Examples of Additional Suffixes Light Series Imperial Light Series Metric Medium Series Imperial Medium Series Metric Heavy Series Imperial Heavy Series Metric Tubular Strander Series Metric Tubular Strander Series Imperial Water Cooled Series Metric Water Cooled Series Imperial AF AP ATL BEM BL BOEC C2,C3,C5 CH EC ECTL ES FC GE HTPS LSR NTL OB OTL RSS S1,S2,S3 SF0 SLO SLUB TE WSRP XAR Type References BX BR HX HR HG BXH BRH BXHG BXHS BRHS BXHF BRHF BXHTT BRHTT BXHTP BRHTP Expansion Bearing Retained Bearing Expansion Housing Retained Housing Hanger Housing Expansion Bearing with Housing...

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Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Units - 11

Bearing Types Retained Type Bearings (BR) Expansion Type Bearings (BX) This bearing has integral flanges on the outer race to provide a surface for axial load. This axial load is accommodated on the inner race via the hardened clamp rings, which both align the inner race halves and provide roller guidance. In larger bearings the inner race is manufactured with integral ribs for roller guidance and axial load. This bearing is designed for radial loads only. As in the retained type bearing, the rollers are guided on the inner race by the hardened shoulders of the clamping rings. This type of...

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Support Types Support Units bearings and housings may be mounted in a variety of support units according to the application and loading constraints. A number of variants are available as standard types with other unit types available on request. offer a design and manufacturing facility to produce custom units to cover more specialized applications. Pillow Block (Support) Type This is by far the most popular method for mounting Revolvo units. These supports are manufactured from high strength, ASTM 48A grade 40 cast iron. This, combined with the robust design, provides a stable, rigid base,...

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