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the challenge continues... ceramic bearings resist chemical deterioration.They are ideal for critical tidal flow meters, where they withstand operation in seawaters hard-particulate and corrosive environment. Ceramicis the material of choice for the semiconductor industry because of its compatibility with wafer processing environments. Timken Super Precision engineers can provide customer-focused bearing recommendations for challenging your application. > Super-Precision Ball BearingsMiniature Bearings Integral Bearings Precision Rotary Assemblies Miniature and Instrument Bearings:.059" OD to 1.25" ODThin Section Bearings: .625" OD to 6.0" OD Torque Tube Bearings: Up to 3.875" OD TIMKEN: YOUR CERAMICBEARING RESOURCE Aircraft Accessory, Valve, Transmissionand GearboxGas Turbine Engine MainshaftGimbalsSemiconductor Handling Food Processing Dental Handpiece Turbines Sensitive Instruments Ceramic bearingscontinue to grow in popularity. Timken ce- ramic bearing cus- tomers report en- hanced performance, reliability and bearing life with our designs.Currently, we offer ce-ramic hybrids utilizing 1mm to 1/4-inch ball diam- eters. Most Timken Super Precision standard bearings may be ordered with ceramic balls incombination with 440C and 52100 steel rings.Timken manufactures select sizes of full ceramicball bearings from 0.1875-inch up to a 1-inchoutside diameters.As your bearing resource, Timken Super Precision,a subsidiary of The Timken Company, will deliver unparalleled engineering expertise in the ceramicarena, where our engineers will analyze yourequipment, processes and maintenance routines to recommend the best solutions. Timken Super Precision delivers the best products, services and technical support available. > Ability to withstand high temperatures Extended fatigue life Corrosion ResistanceReduced lubrication requirementsTwice as hard as bearing steels High speed capabilities Lightweight compared to steel Timken Super Precision Precision Park Keene, New Hampshire 03431 USA Tel: 603-352-0310 Fax: 603-355-4553Visit our Website at Timken Super Precision Singapore Tel: (65) 6841-4380 Timken Super Precision Europa BV Tel: (31) (0) 227-542344 > ҩ 2002 The Timken CompanyPrinted In the U.S.A. 5M-06-02-19 Order No. 5907Timken is the registered trademark ofThe Timken WORLDWIDE LEADER IN BEARINGS AND STEEL

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knowing how to find the right combination THE TRANSFORMATION OF AN AGE-OLD COMPOUND CERAMICS COMPETITIVEADVANTAGES > INCORPORATINGCERAMIC HYBRIDS INTOYOUR APPLICATIONS The lower-density sili-con nitride significantly reduces the centrifugal forces of the balls on the outer ring. > Bearings have been attractive applications forengineered ceramics because of these mate-rials overall superior quality. Ceramic bearings con-tinue to grow in popular-ity. Timken ceramic bear-ing customers report enhanced performance,reliability and bearing lifewith our designs. > continuing to develop...

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