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Timken® Spherical Plain Bearings


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Timken® Spherical Plain Bearings - 1

Tirmken® Spherica Plain Bearings An industry standard throughout the world.

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Timken® Spherical Plain Bearings - 2

From construction and mining to drawbridges, actuators and even the space shuttle crawler, Timken® spherical plain bearings have been a staple in many industrial applications for nearly 75 years. Timken offers a full spherical plain portfolio and supports it with industry-leading technical support, allowing customers to help maximize the performance of their equipment. Spherical plain bearings are designed to carry radial and axial loads in a small envelope, and are ideal for static and oscillatory applications where moderate misalignment may exist. The bearing design consists of a...

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Timken® Spherical Plain Bearings - 3

Timken® Spherical Plain Bearing Nomen One-, two- or three-digit “series” number. For inch series, the number indicates the nominal bore size (e.g., 10 is 1.00 in.) or an approximate bore size (e.g., 17 is 1.75 in.). One-, two- or three-digit number. For inch series, the number indicates the exact bore size in 1/16th of an inch (e.g., 12 refers to 12/16 in., which is a 3/4-in. bore). For metric series, the number indicates the exact bore size (e.g., 40 is 40mm). For metric series, the number indicates the exact outside diameter size (e.g., 62 is 62mm). SF spherical plain type (radial inch);...

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Timken® Spherical Plain Bearings - 5

SF...TT design SF and FS TYPES – radial spherical plain bearings Timken SF and FS spherical plain bearings are designed primarily to carry radial loads and handle moderate misalignment. The outer ring is usually fractured axially in one place, parallel to its axis, to permit assembly of the bearing rings. This design can also be supplied with doublefractured outer rings (designation SBB) for easier assembly in an application. The SF type is designed to inch dimensions, while the FS type is a metric-designed series. Timken also manufactures sealed versions of these bearings. TYPES SF…TT,...

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Timken® Spherical Plain Bearings - 6

A Total Friction Management Approach. As customers’ needs change and motion control systems evolve, Timken is leveraging its knowledge of friction management to offer a broader array of bearings, related products and integrated services to major industry around the world. Customers turn to Timken to evaluate entire systems, not just individual components. Timken integrates bearings, lubrication, seals, repair services, maintenance practices, gears, condition monitoring and materials science to address a wide variety of customer needs. These value-added products, services and programs help...

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