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Timken® Precision Tapered Roller Bearings


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Timken® Precision Tapered Roller Bearings Superior Accuracy for Industrial Applications

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Precision bearings: superior accuracy & control Some applications demand a high level of precision that cannot be achieved with standard tapered roller bearings. This includes many machining, printing press and rolling mill applications where combinations of tight tolerances, high speeds and radial and thrust loads are present. For more than 50 years, The Timken Company has offered a wide array of precision-class tapered roller bearings that deliver superior accuracy and control in critical applications. Standard vs. Precision: Making the Right Choice Although standard product is sometimes...

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company that manufactures precision tapered roller bearings has the processes in place to produce reliable bearings on a consistent basis. and inch systems, that cover the full range of precision application requirements. In ascending order of accuracy, they are identified in the metric system as Class C, B, A and AA, while in the inch system as Class 3, 0, 00 and 000. rotational accuracy combined with inherent stiffness and high loadcarrying properties. Our precision tapered roller bearings are found wherever spindle, roll or cutting edge run-out and accuracy are essential. Typical...

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Precision in every step of production Dedicated Manufacturing Facility Precision must be incorporated into a bearing’s design and manufacturing processes. It cannot be replicated after a standard bearing is made. That is why Timken has invested in a manufacturing facility dedicated exclusively to the production of precision class bearings. Located in New Philadelphia, Ohio, this ISO 9002 certified plant is temperature and humidity controlled and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. In addition, our highly qualified and trained associates implement cellmanufacturing techniques to ensure...

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preload is maintained by springs rather than hydraulic pressure. It is ideal for applications where load and speed conditions are relatively constant, such as a transfer line spindle. Three different spring pack pre-loads are available: light, medium and heavy. Crossed Roller Bearing-TXR Timken precision crossed roller bearings (TXR) are designed to offer the highest levels of rotational accuracy and rigidity, while conserving space and saving material costs. The bearing features two sets of races and rollers brought together at right angles, with alternate rollers facing in opposite...

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Precision bearings: performance & productivity load rating in a minimum space. For low- and medium-speed rolling mills, a four-row, straight bore assembly with cone face lubrication slots (TQOW) precision bearing is often used. TQOW assemblies have slots in the front faces of the cones to provide critical lubrication between the cone bore and roll neck. For high-speed applications, four-row, tapered bore assembly (TQITS) is the ideal choice. This type of bearing allows the operator to minimize roll body runout. The tapered bore on the TQITS bearing allows a tight fit on the roll neck, which...

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For example, Timken premium mill grease, a calcium sulfonate complex grease, is specifically formulated to provide superior protection in steel and aluminum mills where intense operating conditions exist. It is ideal for anti-friction bearings as well as roll necks, drive shafts, vertical edgers, liners and most other mill applications requiring grease. Timken Express Services The speed of business today requires all participants in the supply chain to deliver products cost effectively and efficiently. However, in some cases, emergencies arise where product must be expedited so that...

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5M 11-15 :29 Order No. 5722 | Timken® is a registered trademark of The Timken Company. | © 2015 The Timken Company | Printed in U.S.A. The Timken team applies their know-how to improve the reliability and performance of machinery in diverse markets worldwide. The company designs, makes and markets high-performance mechanical components, including bearings, gears, belts, chain and related mechanical power transmission products and services.

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