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Timken Cylindrical Roller Bearing Catalog - 3

TIMKEN OVERVIEW TIMKEN. WHERE YOU TURN. Turn to Timken to move ahead of the comptition and stand out as a leader in your industry. When you turn to us, you receive more than high-quality products and services; you acquire a worldwide team of highly trained and experienced associates, eager to help you keep production rates high and downtime low. Whether it is a wheel assembly for a family vehicle, bearings outfitted for a deep-sea oil drilling rig, repair services for rail bearings or steel for an aircraft engine shaft, we supply the products and services you need that help keep the world...

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Timken Cylindrical Roller Bearing Catalog - 4

TIMKEN OVERVIEW TECHNOLOGY THAMOVES YOU Innovation is one of our core values, and we're known for our ability to solve engineering challenges. We focus on improving performance in the most difficult applications, and we're passionate about creating technical solutions and services that help your equipment perform faster, harder, smoother and more efficiently. To do this, we invest in: ϕ People, attracting and hiring scholars, engineers and specialists from across the globe who are experts in mechanical power transmission, antifriction bearing design, tribology, metallurgy, clean steel...

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Timken Cylindrical Roller Bearing Catalog - 5

TIMKEN OVERVIEW A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST l The Timken brand stands for quality, innovation and dependability. I We take pride in the quality of our work, and you gain I the peace-of-mind of knowing that each box contains an F industry-trusted product. As our founder, Henry Timken, said, "Don't set your name to anything you will ever have f cause to be ashamed of." f We continue this mindset through the Timken Quality Management System (TQMS). With TQMS, we promote continuous quality improvements in our products and services to our global oprations and supply chain networks. It helps us ensure...

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Timken Cylindrical Roller Bearing Catalog - 6

TIMKEN OVERVIEW ABOUTTHIS CATALOG Timken offers an extensive range of bearings and accessories in both imperial and metric sizes. For your convenience, size ranges are indicated in millimeters and inches. Contact your Timken sales representative to learn more about our complete line for the special needs of your application. USING THIS CATALOG We are committed to providing our customers with maximum service and quality. This publication contains dimensions, tolerances and load ratings as well as an engineering section describing fitting practices for shafts and housings, internai...

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Timken Cylindrical Roller Bearing Catalog - 7

TIMKEN OVERVIEW SHELF LIFE AND STORAGE OF GREASE-LUBRICATED BEARINGS AND COMPONENTS Timken guidelines for the shelf life of grease-lubricated rolling bearings, components and assemblies are set forth below. Shelf life information is based on test data and experience. Shelf life should be distinguished from lubricated bearing/ component design life as follows: SHELF LIFE POLICY Shelf life of the grease-lubricated bearing/component represents the period of time prior to use or installation. The shelf life is a portion of the anticipated aggregate design life. It is impossible to accurately...

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Timken Cylindrical Roller Bearing Catalog - 8

TIMKEN OVERVIEW Most bearing types are typically shipped protected with a corrosion-preventive compound that is not a lubricant. Such bearings may be used in oil-lubricated applications without removal of the corrosion-preventive compound. When using some specialized grease lubrications, it is advisable to remove the corrosion-preventive compound before packing the bearings with suitable grease. Some bearing types in this catalog are prepacked with general purpose grease suitable for their normal application. Frequent replenishment of the grease may be necessary for optimum performance....

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Timken Cylindrical Roller Bearing Catalog - 9

CYLINDRICAL ROLLER BEARING INTRODUCTION TIMKEN® CYLINDRICAL ROLLER BEARINGS - Offering Slection and Superior Performance Your success dpends on the performance of your equipment, especially when it faces harsh environments and high radial loads. To keep your uptime high and downtime low, turn to Timken® cylindrical roller bearings. INDUSTRY PRESENCE Timken cylindrical roller bearings effectively reduce friction and help transmit power in applications like: A radial cylindrical roller bearing consists of an inner and/or outer ring and a complement of controlled-contour cylindrical rollers....

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Timken Cylindrical Roller Bearing Catalog - 10

ENGINEERING ENGINEERING The following topics are covered within this engineering section: Cylindrical roller bearing design types. Օ Cage design types. Fitting practice and mounting recommendations. Օ Lubrication recommendations. This engineering section is not intended to be comprehensive, but does serve as a useful guide in cylindrical roller bearing selection. To view the complete engineering catalog, please visit To order the catalog, please contact your Timken engineer and request a copy of the Timken Engineering Manual, order number 10424. TIMKEN CYLINDRICAL ROLLER...

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Timken Cylindrical Roller Bearing Catalog - 11

ENGINEERING BEARING TYPES AND CAGES RADIAL CYLINDRICAL ROLLER BEARING TYPES AND CAGES Radial cylindrical roller bearings can offer higher radial load capacity than other bearing designs. The Timken Company offers a wide range of full complement, one -, two -, and four-row designs to meet various application requirements. RADIAL CYLINDRICAL ROLLER BEARINGS STANDARD STYLES Timken® cylindrical roller bearings consist of an inner and outer ring, a roller-retaining cage, and a complement of controlled-contour cylindrical rollers. Depending on the type of bearing, either the inner or the outer...

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Timken Cylindrical Roller Bearing Catalog - 12

ENGINEERING BEARING TYPES AND CAGES EMA SERIES The Timken® single-row EMA sries cylindrical roller bearings incorporate a unique cage design, proprietary internal geometry and special surface textures. These features help to improve bearing performance and can help to improve uptime and reduce maintenance costs. The cage is a one-piece brass design with full-milled pockets. It is a land-riding cage which, unlike traditional roller-riding cages, minimizes drag on the roller elements. This reduces heat generation and improves bearing life. The high cage rigidity allows for more rollers than...

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