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Tapered Roller Bearing Catalog - 3

ABOUT THE TIMKEN COMPANY The leading authority on tapered roller bearings, Timken today applies its deep knowledge of metallurgy, tribology and mechanical power transmission across a variety of bearings and related systems to improve reliability and efficiency of machinery and equipment all around the world. Timken (NYSE: TKR; engineers, manufactures and markets bearings, gear drives, belts, chain and related products, and offers a spectrum of powertrain rebuild and repair services. To view more Timken catalogs, go to for interactive versions, or to...

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Tapered Roller Bearing Catalog - 4

TIMKEN OVERVIEW TIMKEN® TAPERED ROLLER BEARINGS RELIABILITY, VERSATILITY, CHOICE Demanding applications call for reliable solutions. Improve your equipment's performance and reduce your downtime and maintenance costs by turning to Timken tapered roller bearings. When you purchase a Timken bearing, you're investing in a product that's designed with you in mind. Reliability. Expert craftsmanship, well-equipped production facilities and an ongoing investment in technology ensure our products are synonymous with quality and reliability. Our tapered roller bearings stand up to extreme...

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Tapered Roller Bearing Catalog - 5

SHELF LIFE AND STORAGE OF GREASE-LUBRICATED BEARINGS AND COMPONENTS To help you get the most value from our products, Timken provides guidelines for the shelf life of grease-lubricated ball and roller bearings, components and assemblies. Shelf life information is based on Timken and industry test data and experience. SHELF LIFE Shelf life should be distinguished from lubricated bearing/ component design life as follows: Shelf life of the grease-lubricated bearing/component represents the period of time prior to use or installation. The shelf life is a portion of the anticipated aggregate...

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Tapered Roller Bearing Catalog - 6

TIMKEN OVERVIEW Failure to observe the following warnings could create a risk of death or serious injury. Never spin a bearing with compressed air. The components may be forcefully expelled. Proper maintenance and handling practices are critical. Always follow installation instructions and maintain proper lubrication Warnings for this product line are in this catalog and posted on warnings/Pages/default.aspx This information is not intended to substitute for the specific recommendations of your equipment suppliers. Every reasonable effort has been made...

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Tapered Roller Bearing Catalog - 7

ENGINEERING The following topics are covered within this engineering section: • Tapered roller bearing design types. • Cage design types. • Fitting practice and mounting recommendations. • Lubrication recommendations. This engineering section is not intended to be comprehensive, but does serve as a useful guide in tapered roller bearing selection. To view the complete engineering catalog, please visit To order the catalog, please contact your Timken engineer and request a copy of the Timken Engineering Manual, order number 10424. To view more Timken catalogs, go to...

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Tapered Roller Bearing Catalog - 8

ENGINEERING BEARING TYPES AND CAGES TAPERED ROLLER BEARINGS TYPES AND CAGES SINGLE-ROW BEARINGS DOUBLE-ROW BEARINGS TDO - DOUBLE OUTER RING This is the basic and the most widely used type of tapered roller bearing. It consists of the inner-ring assembly and the outer ring. It is usually fitted as one of an opposing pair. During equipment assembly, single-row bearings can be “set” to the required clearance (endplay) or preload condition to optimize performance. This has a one-piece (double) outer ring and two single inner rings. It is usually supplied complete with an inner-ring spacer as a...

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Tapered Roller Bearing Catalog - 9

ENGINEERING BEARING TYPES AND CAGES TNASW - NON-ADJUSTABLE WITH LUBRICANT SLOTS TNASWE - NON-ADJUSTABLE WITH LUBRICANT SLOTS AND EXTENDED BACK FACE RIB These three bearing types are similar to the TDO with a one-piece (double) outer ring and two single inner rings. The inner-ring front faces are extended so they abut, eliminating the need for a separate inner-ring spacer. Supplied with a built-in clearance to give a standard setting range, these bearings provide a solution for many fixed or floating bearing applications where optimum simplicity of assembly is required. Types TNASW and...

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Tapered Roller Bearing Catalog - 10

ENGINEERING CAGES TAPERED ROLLER BEARING CAGES STAMPED-STEEL CAGES MACHINED CAGES The most common type of cage used for tapered roller bearings is the stamped-steel cage. These cages are mass produced from low-carbon sheet steel using a series of cutting, forming and punching operations. These cages can be used in high temperature and harsh lubricant environments. Machined cages for tapered roller bearings are robust in design and are suited for high-speed and high-load applications. Machined cages use alloy steels and are produced through milling and broaching operations. Assembly does not...

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Tapered Roller Bearing Catalog - 11

METRIC SYSTEM TOLERANCES METRIC SYSTEM TOLERANCES Tapered bearings are manufactured to a number of specifications with each having classes that define tolerances on dimensions such as bore, O.D., width and runout. Metric bearings have been manufactured to corresponding standard negative tolerances. Boundary dimension tolerances for tapered roller bearing usage are listed in the following tables. These tolerances are provided for use in selecting bearings for general applications in conjunction with the bearing mounting and fitting practices offered in later sections. The following table...

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Tapered Roller Bearing Catalog - 12

DETERMINATION OF APPLIED LOADS AND BEARING ANALYSIS SUMMARY OF SYMBOLS USED TO DETERMINE APPLIED LOADS AND BEARING ANALYSIS Description Units (Metric/Inch System) Axial Distance from Inner Ring Backface to Effective Load Center mm, in. Reliability Life Factor unitless Material Life Factor unitless Operating Condition Life Factor unitless Debris Life Factor unitless Load Zone Life Factor unitless Lubrication Life Factor unitless Low-Load Life Factor unitless Effective Bearing Spread mm, in. Bearing Position (used as subscripts) unitless Outer Ring Width...

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