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Super Precision Bearings and Bearing Products - 1

Super Precision Bearings and Bearing Products 1-120 ISO 9001 Registered AS9000 Certified D1-9000 AQS Certified ® Timken Super Precision (MPB)

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In 1936, an ingenious New England inventor produced a tiny ball bearing to replace a jewel in a family heirloom. Winslow Pierce not only repaired his father’s watch, he founded an entire industry. His industry made possible instrumentation that travels millions of miles into space and settles softly and accurately on a distant planet; dental handpieces that operate painlessly at half a million revolutions per minute; aircraft that navigate precisely through darkness and adverse weather. Literally hundreds of various devices employ the millions of ball bearings produced every year. Some...

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Super Precision Bearings and Bearing Products - 32

Spcial Products A prcision beanng product may be any componeni. subassembly, or assembly which can be produced utilizing ihe unique technological and problem-solvmg capabiiities of MPB Pages 30 to 41 dep*ct a few ol tho many sp驩cial products manufaclured by MPB We would welcome the opporlunily to discuss your spcial requirements. m 闗 -J M Figure 30-1An AISI 316 slaintess sleel beanng used m highly corrostvc environmenl processes 30-2 חAn mcti sries phonol*c reta*>er beanng buitt to R16 dimensions Figure 30-3- -Spcial 00 configuration high speod dental handptece beanng. S418MC ch驢ssis Figure...

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Super Precision Bearings and Bearing Products - 33

Gyro Spin AxisBearings Gyro spin axis bearings are designed and manufac-lured lo provide long lile al high speed under criiical torque and stability requirements. w 1 M 7 I 11 _ 1 1____ Figure 31-3This beanng providos ease of assemWy with the tapered OD The extra width provdes lor shreids and ample grease capacity. Figure 31-2 חAn end cap beanng wilh a rugged ouler ring lor heavier gyro Aheci designs and (or maximum 'igidity. Figure 31-1 Thrs beanng has an unusual inner race end beii design which helps to accuraiely locale the spinnirvg mass while providing (or mner ring rotation. Inner rmg...

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Super Precision Bearings and Bearing Products - 34

Gimbal Bearings Syro gimbal bearings are designed and manuf tured to provide minimum starting frictional torque with a minimum of free radial and end play. ■ I- r U4 Figure 32-1חA thin section, toroid relamer. platform gimbal beanng wiTh an external shield intgral with rhc inner ring Figure 32-2- This unique, closcland clcarance design provides beanng surw/a&ltty under exlremely hkjh shock loafls. The lands mstantaneously "bottom out" under high G launch toads belore the balis and races become overloaded. Figure 32-3DouWe row. Telion siug Deanng with controiied end play for low starting...

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Super Precision Bearings and Bearing Products - 35

Intgral Duplex Bearings A level of operating performance and compliance control not possible with discrte bearings, is achieved by integrating dual races in a single outer ring to produce int騩gral duplex bearings. OJi - Figure 33-1A gyro spin axis bearing in a tactical missile guidance System. T _LL 075 «10 OUI. CJ7 4 Figure 33-2חAn articulated arm joint bearing used in prcision laser surgery equipment. ISO0O IOCO M tua Figure 33-3A gyro gimbal torquer motor bearing used in a tactical missile guidance System. Figure 33-4闗A support bearing tor the optlcs in a laser scanning mecha-nism....

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Super Precision Bearings and Bearing Products - 36

Carriage Bearings Guide Bearings Close control of carriage bearing radial play and run-out results in accurate positional control of carriage and way assemblies. Smooth opration is assured by careful control of OD finish and roundness. Greater accuracy, stabilily and load capacity may be achieved by integrating components or incorporating the double row feature. Guide bearings provide an economical alternative to machining and assembling individual components in applications such as wire guides, plotters, printers and cable or belt drive Systems. Carriage Bearings Figure 34-1魗Intgral pin...

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Super Precision Bearings and Bearing Products - 37

High Temprature Bearings High temprature applications pr驩sent unique prob-lems, many of which can be solve by slection of specially alloyed materials and designs which com-pensate for significant temp멩rature variations. - 1968 - « ■"1 T חr 1-J 1 - "' M M 7 TTPJh '480 eu S9׎? y- Figure 35-1This bearing assembly supp״ts !ho roatmg anode \r. an x-ray generating vacuum tube.To meet Ihe severe operating conditions ot 10-B TORR vacuum, -KXr-SOCTC and 10.000 RPM. super high speed steel alloys are required tor bearing rings and balls. The intgral shaft raceway design ofters cost and pedormance...

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Super Precision Bearings and Bearing Products - 38

Tape ControlAssemblies Prcise control of lape speed and position in voice and data recording devices is featured in this spe-cially designed sries of assemblies. ---w-- Figure 36-1驗Computer tape drive tlanged tape tension idler. ... in- ■ -- i-r r SOC -, > Figure 36-2חComputer tape drive guide roller. Figure 36-3Naval audio recording System, stationary-flange tape guide. i *0»--- h"1 1 i i2 ' Jj-,*l oojj ו-T 1 1 KM Figure 36-4Computer lape drive tension idler. Figure 36-5חAircratt (light recorder tape drive capstan. 36

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Super Precision Bearings and Bearing Products - 39

IntgralAssemblies Intgral assemblies offer the ultimate in stiffness and runoul control, by reducing the number of compo-nents involved. This type of design often results in reduced costs at subs驩quent assembly oprations. t_4*I 5_ - 鴗 t*T - ! H ------ ---------- -t ^I_ J-i. i Figure 37-1Rotary arm actuator pivol assembly used in a computer memory disk drive. ■1ח un ~^''!»!ooooi) ח MO- ^ 14M Cxi Figure 37-2חIntgral idler assembly. Figure 37-3Support spmdle tor tho rotating optics in a laser transit device. ■ 闗 -m» - p*'*1» 1 ooit M*-H P* - ח tut il r t>i±i9pi_ 271 MO 47»0 I 14* » rso mi ru I...

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Super Precision Bearings and Bearing Products - 40

Gyro OpticsAssemblies Extensive exprience worktng with metalMc and non-metallic materials are combined with prcision grind-ing, machining and asserrtbly skilIs to produce Gyro Optics assemblies, sub-assemblies and components. Th驨se optical/mechanical assemblies are routinely built with gimbal axis and spin axis intersection tolrances of less than .0002 inches. Basic pr魩cision bearing technology is applied to select and match bearings to each other and the mating hardware. Figure 38-1͗Gyro. Gimbal Assembly This unit provides stabilization and look angle for a videotype deteclor on a 'lire...

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