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Large Bore Industrial Seal Catalog


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Large Bore Industrial Seal Catalog - 1

Timken Industrial Seals Seal 40p-rev.indd C 4/04/07 18:47:17

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Large Bore Industrial Seal Catalog - 2

Timken Industial Seals Model 23 Model 64 and 59 Model 53 and 63 Timken PS-SEAL® Thermo-Elastic High-Performance Seals (see page 26) Seal 40p-rev.indd D 4/04/07 18:47:22

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Large Bore Industrial Seal Catalog - 3

how to protect them, better line of high performance oil seals and bearing isolators for long life and high longer bearing life, increased maintenance costs. Creating the most advanced seals for heavy industrial markets requires quality materials. Timken industrial seals are manufactured using special elastomers that are engineered for high abrasion chemical resistance. In addition, we have materials and designs suited for a wide range of seals help you identify the seal to ensure you are using the right seal for the right application. Model 26 Model 154 For °ther ^Pes of seal please refer...

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Large Bore Industrial Seal Catalog - 4

Timken Model 64 is specially designed for use in particularly difficult operating conditions. It has proved indispensable in the pulp and paper, aluminum and steel industries worlwide. Model 64 has proven its particular value in al applications which involve large shaft-to-bore misalignment and high periphera speeds but still require a long useful life and high reliability. The elastic and rust-resistant stainless steel finger springs press the sealing lip uniformly and evenly onto the rotating shaft. Shaft-to-bore misalignment and dynamic runout are absorbed by the finger spring (see...

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Large Bore Industrial Seal Catalog - 5

Technical data Model 64,53, 63, 59 *Other materials are available on request Tolerances and assembling dimensions Sealing surface requirements Shaft Speed Surface Finish Obtained by plunge grinding

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Large Bore Industrial Seal Catalog - 6

Model 23,26, Universal Oil Seal Models 151,154,161,154-M Certain situations where installation is particularly difficult may require a split sealing ring. This is whereTimken Model 23 Split comes in handy. It is manufactured from homogeneous nitrile rubber and incorporates vulcanized, stainless steel finger springs. Thanks to this finger spring design the Model 23 Split sealing ring can be easily installed and operates reliably Timken Model 23 has proven its value in the construction of heavy machinery, in rolling mills, paper-making machines, marine motors, earth movers, and gear systems,...

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Large Bore Industrial Seal Catalog - 7

Timken universal oil seals can be used anywhere. They can also be supplied in many variants. YourTimken advisor will be pleased to give you further detailed information regarding application possibilities tailor-made for your specific conditions. Universal oil seal can be supplied in two versions, either split (151-1 ) or endless Universal oil seal can be supplied in two versions, either split (154-1 ) or endless (154-2). This is a new sealing lip design. Universal oil seal is available in an endless version only, with PTFE back-up ring, and is Universal oil seal 154-DL incorporates a dust...

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Large Bore Industrial Seal Catalog - 8

( This applies for one sealing ring. If two sealing rings are being used in one mounting recess, Calculating the bore diameter The bore diameter D is calculated as Installation dimensions and tolerances For the dimensions ofTimken universal sealing rings available, please referto the tools lists. For Model 23 and Model 26, please inquire separately. Our installation diagrams and the associated tables contain all the data you will need for properly and reliably calculating the dimensions of a shaft seal using Model 23, 26 andTimken universal sealing rings. These metric cross-sections are the...

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Large Bore Industrial Seal Catalog - 9

Shaft speed Timken Universal Oil Seal Models 151 and Model 154 can, in otherwise ideal conditions, be used for peripheral speeds of up to a maximum of 25 With Timken Universal Oil Seal Model 161, the maximum permissible shaft speed depends on the pressure. For further details, please refer to the pressure diagram in the section entitled "Pressure" Split Universal Oil Seals Model 151-1 and Model 154-1 are not designed for applications involving exposure to pressure. Models 151-2 and 154-2 can, depending on revolution and shaft speed, be used in applications involving pressure differences as...

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Large Bore Industrial Seal Catalog - 10

Models 23,26 and 151,154,161 - Assembly and installation universal sealing rings a long and useful life is to ensure that the sealing lip is always adequately lubricated. medium itself then it must be supplied separately (radial or peripheral grooves) Insertion and installation instructions •Timken Universal Oil Seal Models inserted together with the retainer ring, which, when completely tightened, generates extra axial twist and thus increased static hermeticity. • Also, with a view to achieving optimal hermiticity, the external diameter of the sealing ring is made slightly larger than...

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Large Bore Industrial Seal Catalog - 28

PS-SEAL® Thermo-Elastic High-Performance Seals 26 Seal 40p-rev.indd 26 4/04/07 18:47:55

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Large Bore Industrial Seal Catalog - 29

answer in difficult operating Seals in the thermoelastic high- performance PS-SEAL® series operate with a sealing lip made from modified PTFE.This material is produced using a special method marketed under the brandname GYLON®. Sealing lips made from GYLON have a particularly effective memory characteristic, are highly elastic and flexible and cause very low friction thanks to their non- stickslip motion, suffer little wear and tear, and need no metallic spring element. SEAL is specially designed for sealing rotating shafts with high peripheral speeds, high pressure such demanding...

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Large Bore Industrial Seal Catalog - 30

Technical data Materials GYLON®, the basic material used for the sealing lips, is the most signicant reason for the success of the PS-SEAL series. Several variants of this sealing lip material are available. Suitable application-specic materials must also be selected for the seal case and for the static seal. Unless specically requested in the order documentation, all seals in the PS-SEAL series are delivered in the standard materials. Shaft surface Materials for the sealing lip GYLON-B Standard material GYLON-W Special material for the pharmaceutical industry and for the food and beverage...

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Large Bore Industrial Seal Catalog - 31

Application limits The simultaneous effects of several operating parameters, e.g. pressure and peripheral speed, makes it necessary to regularly check the tolerances. The following p x v diagram gives the limits for GYLON-B and GYLON-W: Unfavourable lubrication conditions, i.e. inadequate lubrication and running dry, may make it necessary to substantially lower the maximum permissible p x v value even with an optimal counter-running surface. In such cases we recommend that you seek advice from our Timken specialists. p x v-diagramm for PS-SEAL Loss of power caused by lip friction 1000 900...

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