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Industrial Products - 2

All around the world, customers turn to Timken for innovation that moves them ahead of thecompetition. Our contributions to advancing work and living standards through innovations surrounding friction management and power transmission ֖ are invaluable. Wehave played a role in virtually all major technologies that have shaped our age, from automobile travel to artificial hearts. You can find our products wherever you turn, on land, sea and in space and in any industry where anything turns. When our customers turn to us, they are turning to our worldwide team of 26,000 individualsdedicated to...

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Industrial Products - 3

As customers needs change and advanced motion control systems evolve, Timken is leveraging its knowledge to offer a broader array of bearings, related products and integrated services to the industrial marketplace. This approach provides customers with cost-effective solutions, while also helping them achieve specific friction management objectives. Customers can benefit by having Timken, a trusted name for more than 100 years, evaluate entire systems, not just individual components. Timken integrates bearings, lubrication, seals, repair services, maintenance practices, gears, condition...

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Industrial Products - 6

Timken offers the most extensive line of tapered roller bearings in the world.Tapered bearings are uniquely designed to manage both thrust and radial loads onrotating shafts and in housings. We manufacture nearly 26,000 bearing combinations Ζ in single, double and four-row configurations. Sizes range from an8mm (0.31496) bore to a 2,222.5 mm (87.5Ԕ) outside diameter (OD). Customized geometries and engineered surfaces can be applied to these bearings to further enhance performance in demanding applications. > Single-row tapered roller bearingsconsist of four independent components: the cone...

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Industrial Products - 7

Timken offers more than 170 partnumbers in the 30000 ISO series that cover 95 percent of the total market for metric bearings. Timken engineers and other expertsreadily collaborate with customers to identify custom solutions that may include special materials, geometries orsurface finishes. Size range:40 mm ٖ 480 mm bore > Timken tapered roller bearings areavailable in two-row designs. Two- row bearings are typically used in applications such as heavy-duty gear drives, wheel hubs of heavy vehicles, coil conveyors, cranes and calender rolls. TNA bearings consist of doubleouter races and two...

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Industrial Products - 8

TDO bearings have a one-piece double outer ring and two single inner rings, and are used in either fixed or floating positions. They are typically supplied with inner-ring spacers as pre-set assemblies. TDO bearings are frequently chosen for applications where overturning moments are a significant load component.TDI bearings consist of a one-piecedouble inner ring and two single outer rings. They typically are supplied complete with outer-race spacers in pre-set assemblies. A variation, the TDIT bearing, is available with a tapered inner ring bore. > Size range: 9.525 mm 2,085 mm bore...

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Industrial Products - 9

Sealed roll neck bearings havespecially designed sealing arrange- ments.This allows the bearings to endure harsh environments by helping to eliminate contamination from the bearing envelope, thereby extending bearing life. All Timken sealed roll neck bearings have spiral bore grooves with blended radii to eliminate roll neck damage.Types TQITS and TQITSE consist oftwo pairs of indirectly mounted bearings, two single and one double cone, four single cups and three cup spacers. Type TQITSE has an extension to the large bore cone adjacent to the roll body. This not only provides a hardened,...

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Industrial Products - 10

Spacer bearing assemblies speedbearing installation time by eliminating the need for bearing adjustment. They can be used with two-row and four-row Timken tapered roller bearings to pre- set the bench lateral clearance (bench end play). With the addition of spacers,machined to predetermined dimensions and tolerances, many single-row bearings (type TS) can be supplied as a two-row, pre-set, ready-to-fit assembly.This principle is adopted in twostandard ranges of spacer assemblies: types 2S and SR. The concept also can be applied to produce custom-made two-row bearings to suit specific...

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Industrial Products - 11

Timken > Torrington > ή spherical roller bearings feature all of the characteristics that have made Timken renowned superior design, reliable performance and comprehensive technical support. Our spherical bearings are designed to manage high radial loads and perform consistently, even when misalignment, marginal lubrication, contamination,extreme speeds and critical application stresses are present. Spherical roller bearingshave matchingspherical surfaces on both rings and rollers that enable the bearings to compensate for modest misalignment between a rotating shaft and the bearing...

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Industrial Products - 12

Spherical CJ bearings offer higher loadratings for longer life and incorporate astamped steel window-type cage. Like all Timken Torrington spherical bearings, the CJ line compensates for misalignment and allows customers to use weldments for housing frames instead of complex castings. > Size range: 25mm200 mm bore (0.9843֔ 7.874֔) Type YM bearings feature precision-machined, roller-riding bronze cages and are designed for harsh industrial environments. These bearings offer higher load ratings for longer life.Type YMB spherical bearings aredesigned with inner-ring, land-riding cages in...

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Industrial Products - 13

products TIMKEN > TORRINGTON > ή SPHERICAL PLAIN BEARINGS > Spherical plain bearings consist of aspherically ground inner ring housed in amating outer ring without any rolling elements. Spherical plain bearings are designed to carry radial and axial loads inasmall envelope. They are ideal for static and oscillatory applications and can accommodate moderatemisalignment. Available in a variety ofstyles, in imperial and metric sizes, radial spherical plain bearings are offered in standard or heavy-duty sealed versions and feature a single- or double- fractured outer race. Thrust spherical...

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Industrial Products - 14

Timken > Torrington > ή cylindrical roller bearings are designed to manage heavy radial loads through expertly designed critical dimensions, including roller and raceway diameters and contact geometry. Our cylindrical bearings range from small to large bores with up to four rows of rollers ֖ for a wide range of industrial applications. > Size range: 15 mm 1,600 mm bore (0.59֔ 62.99֔) Cylindrical roller bearings consist of aninner and outer ring with a cage containing a complement of rollers. The selection of cylindrical roller bearing configurations depends on the application conditions,...

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