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Engineering - 2


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Engineering - 3

Engineering A Bearing selection is a process for evaluating the suitability of bearings for specific industrial applications. The quality of the information available to make these selections will play a major role in determining the success of the bearing choice. The first step in bearing selection is identifying the proper roller element type, whether it is a ball, needle, cylindrical, spherical or tapered roller bearing. Each roller bearing type has advantages and disadvantages that are specific to each design and will affect such things as the loads and speeds that the bearing can...

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Engineering - 4

Engineering A • A TIMKEN PRODUCTS CATALOG Suffix K Suffix W Fixed Mounting Floating Mounting Bearing Types and cages Bearing types RADIAL BALL BEARINGS The basic types of Timken ball bearings are shown here. They are the non-filling slot or Conrad, which is identified by the suffix K and the filling slot designated by the suffix W. The non-filling slot or Conrad bearing has uninterrupted raceway shoulders and is capable of supporting radial, thrust or combined loads. The filling slot type, which is assembled with more balls than a K-Type of the same size, has a greater capacity than the...

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Engineering - 5

• TIMKEN PRODUCTS CATALOG A Engineering A snap ring provides an adequate shoulder for the bearings without a sacrifice in bearing capacity. The thrust capacity of the snap ring in shear is considerably above the thrust capacity of the bearing. Typical designs illustrating how mounting simplification can be accomplished through the use of snap ring bearings are shown (below). BALL BEARINGS WITH SNAP RINGS (WIRELOC) Single-row radial bearings including those with seals or shields and open and shielded double-row types are available with snap rings, which provide a shoulder integral with the...

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Engineering - 6

Engineering A • A TIMKEN PRODUCTS CATALOG Setscrew Series Bearings The GYA-RRB and the GY-KRRB series relubricatable and nonrelubricatable bearings are extended inner ring and wide inner ring type bearings with specially designed setscrews to lock on shafting. Positive contact land-riding R-Seals provide protection against harmful contaminants and retain lubricant. Extended inner ring bearings are used when space is at a premium and overturning loads are not a problem. The new wide inner ring setscrew series is available when additional surface contact on the shaft is a requirement for...

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Engineering - 7

• TIMKEN PRODUCTS CATALOG A Engineering A NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS Timken needle roller bearings are an economical alternative for applications requiring minimal space to carry a given load at a desired speed. Needle roller bearings can be an ideal choice because of their ability to handle a given level of speed and load capacity, yet have the smallest cross-section of all roller bearing types – and, at a very attractive price. Timken offers both inch and metric nominal bearings in popular designs such as: drawn cups, radial caged needle rollers, machined ring, track rollers, thrust bearings,...

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Engineering - 8

Engineering A • A TIMKEN PRODUCTS CATALOG Bearing Needle Roller Drawn Cup Drawn Cup Needle Needle Roller Track Roller Needle Roller Needle Rollers Combination Design Type & Cage Radial Needle Roller Roller Bearing Bearing & & Cage Thrust Bearing Assembly Bearing Caged Full Complement Inner Ring Assembly Capability Radial Load High Moderate High High Moderate None Very high High Axial Load None None None None Low Very high None High Limiting Speed Very high High Moderate Very high Moderate High Moderate Moderate Slope Tolerance Moderate Moderate Very low Moderate Moderate Low Very low Low...

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Engineering - 9

• TIMKEN PRODUCTS CATALOG A Engineering A radial spherical ROLLER BEARINGS The principle styles of radial spherical roller bearings are offered by Timken: CJ, YM, YMB, VCSJ and VCSM. YM bearings offer the greatest range of sizes in all series. They combine Timken design experience with proven performance in many industries. All of the newer styles (CJ, YM and YMB) offer higher load ratings for longer life. CJ bearings include a stamped steel cage and are suitable for a broad range of general service applications. For extreme conditions of use, the YM and YMB style, with a machined brass...

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Engineering - 10

Engineering A • A10 TIMKEN PRODUCTS CATALOG 5200 WS A5200 WS A-52XX-WM 5200 Metric Series This series features enhanced radial load rating due to its internal design proportions. In this series, the outer ring is doubleribbed and the inner ring is full-width with a cylindrical O.D. The bearing also can be furnished without an inner ring for applications where radial space is limited. When so used, the shaft journal must be hardened to HRC 58 minimum, and the surface finished to 15 RMS maximum. The bearing is usually furnished with a rugged stamped steel cage (“S” designation) and is...

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Engineering - 11

• TIMKEN PRODUCTS CATALOG A11 Engineering A Tapered ROLLER BEARINGS Single-Row Bearings TS - Single-Row This is the basic and the most widely used type of tapered roller bearing. It consists of the cone assembly and the cup. It is usually fitted as one of an opposing pair (see choice of mounting configuration). During equipment assembly, single-row bearings can be “set” to the required clearance (endplay) or preload condition to optimize performance. TS TSF TDI TDIT TNA TNASW TNASWE Two-row bearings TDO - Double cup This has a one-piece (double) cup and two single cones. It is usually...

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Engineering - 12

Engineering A • A12 TIMKEN PRODUCTS CATALOG 2TS-IM 2TS-DM 2TS-TM SS SR SR - Set-RightTM assembly Type-SR are made to a standard setting range, based on Timken’s Set-Right™ automated setting technique suitable for most industrial applications. They have two spacers and an optional snap-ring that may be used for axial location. Because both types are made up of popular sizes of single-row bearings, they provide a low cost option for many applications. THERE ARE THREE BASIC TYPES OF SPACER ASSEMBLIES Type 2TS-IM (indirect mounting) These consist of two single-row bearings with a cone and cup...

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