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Pressure Calibration Instruments


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Time Electronics Calibration, Test and Measurement Pressure Calibration Instruments TE 2017 BROCHURE Laboratory and field calibration equipment for testing pressure instrumentation

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Pressure Calibration Instruments Pressure Calibration Instruments

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Pressure Calibration Instruments Our pressure calibration instruments include calibrators, controllers, digital gauges and pumps. These products are used to calibrate devices such as transducers, transmitters, switches and indicators. We have equipment for pneumatic and hydraulic testing applications, for absolute, gauge and differential pressure types. We have laboratory solutions for manual and automatic pressure generation, high stability control and precision measurement. Portable pressure calibrators provide users with robust test tools for applications in the field. Also available is...

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Pressure Calibration Instruments - 4

Precision control and calibration for laboratory testing applications Automatic Pressure Calibration The 8030 is an advanced pressure controller/calibrator suitable for wide workload calibration of pressure devices such as transmitters, sensors and gauges. The standard unit can be configured for multiple ranges from vacuum to 100 bar (1500 psi), integrating up to three high accuracy reference sensors for maximum workload coverage. Additionally a barometric reference option enables absolute pressure emulation. High range dual sensor versions up to 230 bar (3350 psi) are also available. Due...

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Pressure Calibration Instruments - 5

Pressure Controller Accessories & Options Compressors and accessories for use with controllers and calibrators 7165 Electric Compressor Pump A range of compact pressure compressor pumps for supplementing calibration benches and pressure instruments. Primarily designed for use with the 8030 pressure controller, 7165 models can be used to create a fully automated pressure calibration system. This removes the requirement for nitrogen cylinders or bulky high pressure compressors. • Compact pressure system for use with 8030 pressure controller • Models for 17, 35, 50 or 70 bar • rovides clean...

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Pressure Calibration Instruments - 6

Portable Pressure Calibrators Robust calibrators for field pressure testing applications 7010 Single Channel Pressure Calibrator A robust portable pressure calibrator that is suitable for field and laboratory calibration work of both pressure and electrical process loop signals. It is a simple operation instrument ideal for calibrating and cross-checking pressure gauges, sensors, transmitters, transducers, indicators, switches, and many other devices. • Vacuum to 600 bar versions available • Accuracy 0.04 % of full scale • Pneumatic or hydraulic • 4 selectable pressure units plus mA • Loop...

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Pressure Calibration Instruments - 7

Portable Pressure Calibrators and Digital Gauges Portable and handheld instruments for pressure calibration work 7018 Differential Pressure Calibrator A robust portable calibrator for field testing pressure instrumentation such as differential pressure sensors and transmitters. The instrument is designed for very stable measurement of differential pressures between two quick release connector ports (Hi and Lo for DP input). • 0.2, 2, 5 and 10 bar versions available • Accuracy 0.04 % of full scale • Pneumatic • Calibrate DP sensors, transmitters, gauges • Loop current measure • 24/36 V loop...

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Pressure Calibration Instruments - 8

Calibration Hand Pumps Portable pressure pumps for field calibration and testing work 7090 Pneumatic Calibration Pump A pneumatic pressure calibration hand pump that combines performance with rugged design. It is designed for arduous use in the field or as a pressure and vacuum source in test facilities. The 7090 is ideal for checking the calibration of gauges, pressure switches, transmitters, recorders and other pressure equipment. It covers a range from vacuum to 40 bar (600 psi). • Pressure to 40 bar (600 psi) • Vacuum to 950 mbar • Oversized check valve for smooth operation • Non-oil...

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Pressure Calibration Instruments - 9

Pressure Calibration Accessories Adaptors, fittings, test stands and regulators 7198 Pressure Calibration Accessories Kit A comprehensive set of pressure accessories to accompany pumps, gauges, and calibrators. The 7198 kit includes adaptors, fittings, connectors, and hoses to provide a quick solution to pressure component requirement in both the field and laboratory. • Adaptors for metric, BSP parallel, taper threads, and NPT (male & female) • Coupling connectors allow any two adaptors to be connected together • ¼ BSP hose fittings for pushfit 4mm and 6mm external diameter hose • Nylon...

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Time Electronics Calibration, Test and Measurement Time Electronics Ltd, Unit 5, TON Business Park, 2-8 Morley Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1RA. United Kingdom. T: +44 (0) 1732 355993 Due to continuous development Time Electronics reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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