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Multifunction Calibrators & DMMs - 1

Time Electronics Calibration, Test and Measurement Multifunction Calibrators and Digital Multimeters Precision calibration for wide workload coverage

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Multifunction Calibrators & DMMs - 2

Multifunction Calibrators & Digital Multimeters Multifunction Calibrators and Digital Multimeters

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Multifunction Calibrators & DMMs - 3

Multifunction Calibrators & Digital Multimeters Time Electronics have a range of test systems designed for laboratory calibration work. Multifunction calibrators encompass a range of capabilities to cover a wide testing workload including electrical and electronic test tools and various types of instrumentation. Laboratory grade multimeters provide precision measurement for testing of sourcing and simulating devices and instruments. Additionally we manufacture programmable calibrators that can be utilised in automated test rigs for applications including controlled electrical signal...

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Multifunction Calibrators & DMMs - 4

5025 Series 2 Multifunction Calibrators Precision calibration for wide workload coverage Efficient Multi-Product Calibration The 5025 Series 2 models are multifunction calibrators that provide a wide range of precision outputs for the calibration of electrical test tools, meters, and various types of measuring devices. They combine performance and functionality with simple operation, making them suitable for calibration laboratories, workshops and on-site test facilities. Functions include AC/DC voltage and current, digital frequency, variable resistance, conductance, capacitance,...

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Multifunction Calibrators & DMMs - 5

5025 Series 2 Multifunction Calibrators Basic Specifications Basic Technical Specifications Best 1 year Specification Range / Values 0 to ± 22 A 1000 A with clamp meter adaptor (option 9780) 10 μA to 22 A / 20 Hz to 5 kHz sine-wave 100 A with current transformer (option 9790) 1000 A with clamp meter adaptor (option 9780) Digital frequency Digital period 100 ns to 10 s (fixed values 1, 2, 5 sequence) 4-wire decade resistance (5025C only) Thermocouple simulation Phase / Power factor Option 9780: Clamp meter adaptor Oscilloscope Calibration (SCP Option) Amplitude Frequency (fixed values 1, 2,...

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Multifunction Calibrators & DMMs - 6

5051Plus Multifunction Calibration System Precision calibration for wide workload coverage Calibrator / Multimeter / Touch Screen PC A system that combines a high accuracy calibration source with a precision digital multimeter. The 5051Plus incorporates a wide range of functions to provide users with a multi product calibration solution. It is suitable for rapid calibration with automated test runs using EasyCal software, covering electrical test tools, process instrumentation, oscilloscopes and more. Adaptors and accessories are included for applications such as clamp meter and optical...

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Multifunction Calibrators & DMMs - 7

5051Plus Multifunction Calibration System Basic Specifications Calibrator (Source) Function Range / Values Best 1 Year Specification Clamp Meter Adaptor x50 turn Decade Resistance Full Range Resistance 1 s to 1 ns (fixed values, decade steps) Thermocouple Simulation Oscilloscope Calibration 6 mV to 200 V and 6 mV to 2 V 50 Ω (Square-wave or DC) 0.1 Hz to 100 MHz / 10ns to 10s (fixed values 1, 2, 5 sequence) Duty Cycle 3 frequencies: 100 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz, settable from 0 to 100 % 100 MHz to 2.2 GHz levelled sine-wave (0.5, 1, 1.5 V pk-pk) Range / Values Best 1 Year Specification 6.5 Digit...

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Multifunction Calibrators & DMMs - 8

ATE/Bench Calibrators and Digital Multimeters Programmable Calibrators and Benchtop DMMs 5011 Resistance/Temperature Calibrator A versatile, high accuracy calibrator that is primarily a programmable resistance/RTD source. Internal options such as DC voltage and thermocouple simulation, DC current, and 10 MHz frequency can be added to increase capabilities. • 1 Ω to 120 MΩ, 100 ppm basic accuracy • RTD simulation • Optional thermocouple simulation • 0 to 22 V DC voltage option • 0 to 220 mA DC current option • 10 MHz frequency option • RS-232, GPIB, and USB interfaces • Front panel operation...

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Multifunction Calibrators & DMMs - 9

ATE/Bench Calibrators and Digital Multimeters Programmable Calibrators and Benchtop DMMs 5077 Multifunction Power Calibrator A high accuracy calibrator for sourcing AC/DC voltage and current, and single-phase power. It can be used as a workload calibrator for verification of electrical measurement devices, or as a programmable source in an automated test rig for meter testing. • 0 to 1050 V AC/DC voltage • 0 to 22 A AC/DC current • Single-phase power simulation • Up to 23 kVA or 23 kW • Phase angle ± 90.0° • Power factor 0.00 to 1.00 • 40 to 500 Hz adjustable frequency • 100 A AC current...

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Multifunction Calibrators & DMMs - 10

Calibration Software EasyCal is a complete software package with features covering all aspects of calibration work and management. It is designed to reduce workload, improve efficiency, and provide the essential platform for companies looking to create and sustain an effective calibration program. The comprehensive features simplify the administration process from reminder reports through to despatch. With a familiar and intuitive user interface all operators can quickly learn and navigate through the applications. This allows fast, straightforward implementation and integration of the...

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Multifunction Calibrators & DMMs - 11

Manage, Automate and Optimise the Calibration Process Communication and Control EasyCal automates calibration runs by allowing the user to remotely control and communicate with test instruments such as calibrators and multimeters. User friendly features and controls aid the process to decrease calibration times and increase throughput. EasyCal driven calibration can be performed with compatible Time Electronics process instruments including dry block calibrators, temperature baths, digital pressure gauges, pressure controllers, and process calibrators. EasyCal is also utilised on CalBench...

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Multifunction Calibrators & DMMs - 12

EasyCal Calibration Software The comprehensive solution to calibration work and management Automating the Calibration Process with EasyCal CAL DA TE Reminder letters and emails are sent to owner Unit for test is received and booked in Unit is checked and workload is scheduled Testing is done using TE calibrator and EasyCal Results/reports are stored and printed Certificate is issued and unit is returned EasyCal: For the Calibration Process Automating the calibration process brings important benefits and provides increased speed of calibration and consistency of results. Pre-Calibration The...

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