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CBP-RM2 Repair and Maintenance CalBench Package


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CBP-RM2: Repair and Maintenance CalBench Package A pre-configured CalBench for R&M applications About the CBP-RM2 Package The CBP-RM2 is a functionally advanced CalBench package featuring a touch screen PC control centre and a selection of software controlled test modules. Users can access the wide range of functions and features from one ergonomic and organised workspace. The control centre situates centrally in the console, with the connections for the software operated modules next to it. These include a 20 MHz function generator, 6 GHz frequency counter with power meter, and 100 MHz oscilloscope. These modules are utilised via their dedicated software applications running on the control centre. - Combination of software controlled & manual operation modules Further modules include a variable AC power supply, fixed and adjustable DC power supplies, and digital multimeter. The module selection benefits engineers and technicians by combining familiar test equipment with intuitive and versatile interfaces. It is a solution for fast and efficient diagnostics and service work, but also enables users to implement and maintain quality processes from one station. For on-bench repairs a soldering/re-work module allows users to work on devices, PCBs and components. Accompanying products include a fume extractor, magnifying lamp, circuit board holder, turntable and electronics service tool kit. - Advanced R&M CalBench for diagnostics & fault finding - Suitable for E&I workshops in process and power plants - 12.1” touch screen control centre PC module in middle of console - Control centre function generator, frequency counter & power meter - Control centre operated 100 MHz oscilloscope module - Digital multimeter module (6.5 digit) - Fixed and variable AC and DC power supply modules - Solder and re-work module with accompanying benchtop extras - Antistatic top and mat, with bonding plugs, wrist strap & leads - Comprehensive kit of electronics service tools included Time Electronics Ltd, Unit 5, T O N Business Park, 2-8 Morley Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1RA, United Kingdom T: +44 (0) 1732 355993 | F: +44 (0) 1732 350198 | |

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CBP-RM2: Repair and Maintenance CalBench Package A pre-configured CalBench for R&M applications Basic Description Basic Purpose CalBench Heavy Duty Version (W 2000 x D 850 x H 1568 mm) Framework bench style with worktop, perforated panel, primary console with 7082 mains power controller module. Provides an ergonomic workspace for various applications. Modules below to be fitted to the primary console for the necessary workload. ESD grey laminate worktop for CalBench Chipboard, conductive core, 3 mm ABS edges, antistatic, scratch, impact and stain resistant. A high quality durable...

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