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9780 Clamp Meter Adaptor


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Time Electronics 9780 Clamp Meter Adaptor A precision adaptor for use with calibrated AC or DC sources and allows accurate calibration of a wide range of clamp meters. It is built onto a solid quality 20 mm thick high insulation base plate, with the twin coils potted into a recess on the top side of the base, forming a strong bond. The foam protective mat allows accurate positioning of the clamp meter being calibrated. Three heavy duty terminal posts with removable caps provide connection to the clamp adaptor. The black centre post is the common connection and the two red posts allow selection of the x1 or x50 turn coils. The low resistance test lead set supplied is made of multi-strand (735/0.12 mm) oxygen free copper and is terminated with 8 AWG gold plated ring and plug terminals. • Twin coils fitted as standard • Ratios 1:1 and 50:1 • Primary current up to 22 A • Simulated current up to 1100 A • AC or DC • Frequency up to 90 Hz When used with a high current multifunction calibrator such as the TE 5025, 5051 or 7051, clamp calibration up to 1100 A is possible. Two coil options are available, firstly a 1:1 coil (x1) i.e. 10 A in, 10 A out. Secondly the specially designed 50 turn coil (x50) which gives 1:50, i.e. 10 A in, 500 A out. • Max drive voltage 3 V • Low resistance test leads included Specifications 0 to 22 A. Transfer ratio 50:1 or 1:1. Output frequency Due to continuous development Time Electronics reserves the right to change specifications without prior not

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