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5077 Multifunction Power Calibrator Data Sheet


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Time Electronics 5077 Series 2 Multifunction Power Calibrator Description The 5077 Series 2 model is a multifunction calibrator for sourcing AC/DC voltage and current, and single-phase power. It can be used as a workload calibrator for verification of electrical measurement devices, or as a programmable source in an automated test rig for meter testing. Features • 0 to 1050 V AC/DC voltage • 0 to 22 A AC/DC current The series 2 model offers the same coverage as it's predecessor with additional ranges, front panel operation, and independent voltage and current functions. This added functionality increases the workload capabilities, whilst maintaining performance for dedicated testing of single-phase watt-meters, power meters, and kW-Hr meters. • Single-phase power simulation For power the 5077 voltage range is 2 mV to 1050 V, with current from 2 mA to 22 A. Frequency is adjustable from 40 to 500 Hz, and phase ± 90.0° in 0.1° steps. Alternatively power factor (PF) can be set in steps of 0.01. The output can be displayed as VA or Watts. The wide current and voltage ranges enable verification of power meters on either the primary side of the of the CT / VT or directly connected to the meter (secondary side). • Adjustable frequency from 40 to 500 Hz The standard maximum AC current output (22 A) can be extended to 100 A by using an optional 100 A current transformer (model 9790). This extends the maximum power to 0.1 MW/MVA. A single and 50-turn current clamp adaptor (model 9780) is available for clamp sensor and meter calibration up to 1000 A. The 5077 features turn coil ranges for DC and AC current, designed for use with this adaptor. Further options include test lead sets, carry case options, and calibration software. Simple operation Front panel operation is easy and intuitive. Quickly select functions and ranges, set output values and increment digits up/down via the keypad. A deviation control feature enables the user to finely adjust the output value as a percentage (± 9.999 %). All information is shown on a clear, easy to read alphanumeric display. • Up to 23 kVA or 23 kW • Phase angle ± 90.0° • Power factor 0.00 to 1.00 • 100 A AC current transformer option • Single/50-turn current clamp adaptor option • RS-232, GPIB, and USB interfaces • Operation via virtual control software EasyCal Calibration Software The 5077 can be controlled via Time Electronics EasyCal software to automate the calibration process. This provides increased speed of calibration and consistency of results. Produce traceable calibration certificates and test reports for quality standards with additional uncertainty information for ISO 17025 conformance. Virtual control software The 5077 is supplied as standard with Time Electronics’ windows based Virtual Control Software applications. Two applications are supplied, one for independent V/I operation, and one for power calibration. Each application allows quick and direct input of any value required. The remote SCPI command is displayed to help users develop custom applications. Time Electronics Ltd, Unit 5, T O N Business Park, 2-8 Morley Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1RA, United Kingdom T: +44 (0) 1732 355993 | F: +44 (0) 1732 350198 |

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Time Electronics 5077 Series 2 Multifunction Power Calibrator Technical Specifications (for full technical data see extended specifications sheet) Range / Values Best 1 year Specification 0 to ± 22 A 1000 A with clamp meter adaptor (option 9780) DC Power (simultaneous output of V & I) 10 μA to 22 A / 20 Hz to 5 kHz sine-wave 100 A with current transformer (option 9790) 1000 A with clamp meter adaptor (option 9780) AC Power (simultaneous output of V & I) Power Factor Option 9780: Clamp meter adaptor * The accuracy of the power is complex and is determined by using a formula, which combines...

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