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5025 Series Multifunction Calibrators


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5025 Series Multifunction Calibrators - 1

Time Electronics Calibration, Test and Measurement 5025 Series Multifunction Calibrators High Performance Wide Workload Laboratory Calibrators

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5025 Series Multifunction Calibrators - 2

5025 Series Multifunction Calibrators Precision calibration for wide workload coverage Calibrates Digital/Analog Multimeters Clamp Meters Handheld/Bench DMMs AC/DC Millivoltmeters Temperature Indicators Frequency Meters Thermocouple Indicators Timer Counters Data Loggers And more Multi Instrument Calibration The 5025 series are high performance multi-product calibrators that provide the foundation for cost-effective calibration. Built for versatility and simplicity each model offers a solution to efficient calibration of a wide range of test and measurement equipment. Each model features...

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5025 Series Multifunction Calibrators - 3

5025 Series at a Glance Functions • 5025E: 40ppm entry level calibrator Calibrate up to 4.5 digit multimeters • 025C: 15ppm precison laboratory calibrator 5 Calibrate up to 6.5 digit multimeters • Up to 1GΩ decade resistance • Simulated variable resistance to 40MΩ (40kΩ on 5025E) • Wide workload at an affordable price for fast ROI • Optional full range variable resistance to 120MΩ • Ready for use – Quick and easy implementation • Thermocouple simulation • Simple front panel operation or PC virtual control • EasyCal software for automated calibration • Digital frequency • Adaptors for clamp...

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5025 Series Multifunction Calibrators - 4

5025 Series Multifunction Calibrators Precision calibration for wide workload coverage Range / Values Best 1 year Specification Thermocouple Simulation Digital Frequency/Period Decade Resistance Simulated Resistance Option 9780: Clamp Meter Adaptor Option 9770: Oscilloscope Calibration Amplitude Duty Cycle Option 9783: Frequency Reference 0.1Hz to 10MHz enhanced frequency accuracy reference ± 0.1ppm (enhanced accuracy for timer/counters) Phase/Power Factor Option 9797: Power Calibration Enhanced Performance Packs – 5025E option: 9702 / 5025C option: 9701 (added values/types shown in bold...

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5025 Series Multifunction Calibrators - 5

CsNbrStiOn CclDclbilitieS ChSrt Software driven calibration relates to EasyCal Software being able to control the Time Electronics model for automated calibration procedures Instrument type is based on commonly used products, please check specifications to confirm your DUT is covered by the above TE models. 5025 Series Calibration Capabilities Chart

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5025 Series Multifunction Calibrators - 6

Adaptors and Accessories Products for use with the 5025 series calibrators 9780 Clamp Meter Adaptor A precision adaptor for use with calibrated AC or DC sources and allows accurate calibration of a wide range of clamp meters. When used with the 5025 series models clamp calibration up to 1100A is possible. • Twin coils fitted as standard • Ratios 1:1 and 50:1 • Primary current up to 22A • Simulated current up to 1100A • AC or DC • Frequency up to 90Hz • Max drive voltage 3V • Low resistance test leads included • W240 x H85 x D280mm, weight 3.9kg 9773 Optical Tachometer Adaptor An optical...

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5025 Series Multifunction Calibrators - 7 9790 100A Current Transformer A heavy duty current transformer mounted in a robust steel case. It extends the AC current capability of the 5025 calibrators to 100A RMS. • Robust clamp action 100A terminals • 20A input terminal posts take 4mm plugs, spade connectors, or bare wired ends • Portable steel case with carry handle • Current: 100A RMS maximum • VA Rating: 30VA maximum • Compliance: 0.3V RMS at 100A increasing to 0.5V rms at 20A • Operating Frequency: 50/60Hz only • Ratio Error: 5A to 50A 0.15%. 50A to 100A 0.2% • Phase Error: < 0.05 degree from 5% to 120% of...

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5025 Series Multifunction Calibrators - 8

Accompanying Calibration Instruments Additional instruments for expanding your calibration capabilities 5030 Electrical Tester Calibrator Designed to calibrate RCD, loop, insulation, earth testers and multifunction installation testers. The 5030 accurately simulates RCD trip times and measures currents produced by RCD testers. It replicates loop impedance and auto adjusts for local line impedance. It also provides insulation resistances and measures test voltages and currents. • RCD 3mA to 2500mA, 10ms to 2000ms • Loop 50mΩ to 1.8kΩ • Insulation up to 2GΩ / 1kV • Continuity 0.1Ω to 10kΩ •...

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5025 Series Multifunction Calibrators - 9 Measurement: 5065 Bench Digital Multimeter A versatile 6½ digit bench multimeter with 19 measurement functions. Low cost, easy to use, stability, and high accuracy make the 5065 an ideal DMM for a variety of applications. With a comprehensive range of features the 5065 is suitable for test engineers, R&D, service, and calibration technicians. • 6½ digit resolution • Accuracy 0.005% DC voltage • RS-232 and USB interfaces (optional GPIB) • Temperature measurements • High sample rate • 10 channel scanner card option • PC/laptop control via EasyCal software • W210 x H85...

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5025 Series Multifunction Calibrators - 10

EasyCal Calibration Software The comprehensive solution to calibration work and management Manage, Automate and Optimise the Calibration Process About Easycal EasyCal is a complete software package with features covering all aspects of calibration work and management. It is designed to reduce workload, improve efficiency, and provide the essential platform for companies looking to create and sustain an effective calibration program. The comprehensive features simplify the administration process from reminder reports through to despatch. With a familiar and intuitive user interface all...

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5025 Series Multifunction Calibrators - 11

Automating the Calibration Process with EasyCal CAL DA TE Reminder letters and emails are sent to owner Unit for test is received and booked in Unit is checked and workload is scheduled Testing is done using TE calibrator and EasyCal Results/reports are stored and printed Certificate is issued and unit is returned EasyCal: For the Calibration Process Automating the calibration process brings important benefits and provides increased speed of calibration and consistency of results. Pre-Calibration: The calibration management features of EasyCal make the planning and organisation of...

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