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The TimberPro TB 830 and TB 630 are the only wheeled machines in the world designed to handle larger cutting attachments like the Log Max 9000, Risley Rolly II and Quadco disc saws. The TimberPro line of wheeled harvester and feller bunchers are proven to increase production especially on rough terrain or when cutting scattered timber. The TimberPro line of machines come standard with 360 continuous rotation allowing the operator to always face his/her work. This feature also gives the operator the ability to harvest timber 360а around the machine. Including the option to work over the rear...

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A/C CondenserPump Gearbox CoolerRadiator Pump Gearbox cooler, A/C Condensor, Air to Air cooler and Radiator mounted side by side to allow less restriction of airflow and nothing to trap debris Air to Air Cooler Increased visibilty to the boom side - NEW - IQAN MDL Control Syste m Large comfortable cab with heated air-ride seat, reduced noise levels, Rops, Ops, and Fops certifiedExtra large hydraulic oil cooler with auto-reversing fans Air > (energy saving features, easier adjustments, easier troubleshooti n and CAN networking for reduced wiring) f syst e pressu r to re d >

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f iltering e m with r ized cabin d uce dust >

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Harvester booms w/25 (7,8m) reachSS 6Ғ (1,8m) Squirt for Harvester boomOOQuick change stick boom adapterOO Feller buncher boomsOO Live Heel AttactmentOO 2100 lbs (953kg) Counter WeightNAO Fluid in TiresOO OPTIONS830630 Fully certified for ROPS/FOPS/OPSSS ݔ lexan in all windowsSS 1ݔ lexan in front windowOO Heater & AC system SS Air filtered & cab pressurized SS AM/FM - weatherband radio SS XM satellite radio OO Seat - Air ride & heatedSS Deluxe Seat - with air, heat & lumbarOO Sliding rear window SS 2 escape routes (door & roof) SS 5 halogen lights SS 8 Xenon lights OO Automatic fire...

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TOTALFRONT AXLEREAR AXLE 630 48,280 lbs (21,899 kg)28,340 lbs (12,854 kg)19,940 lbs (9,045 kg) 830 54,000 lbs (24,493 kg)44,400 (20,139 kg)9,600 (4,354 kg) LIFT CAPACITY - feller buncher (7.3 m) 24 9,000 lbs (4,082 kg) (6.1 m) 20Ғ 13,300 lbs (6,033 kg) (4.6 m) 15 17,100 lbs (7,756 kg) (3.0 m) 10Ғ 24,700 lbs (11,102 kg)(Lift Capacities do not include attachment weight) LIFT CAPACITY - harvester (9.6 m) 31.5 6,320.lbs (2,866 kg) (7.8 m) 25.5Ғ 7,540 lbs (3,420 kg) (6.1 m) 20 11,320 lbs (5,135 kg) (4.6 m) 15Ғ 12,880 lbs (5,842 kg) > TimberPro Inc.1407 Industrial Dr. Po Box 415 Shawano WI 54166...

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