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Air to Air Cooler A/C CondenserPump Gearbox CoolerRadiator Pump Gearbox cooler, A/C Condensor, Air to Air cooler and Radiator mounted side by side to allow less restriction of airfl ow and nothing to trap debris Increased visibilty to the boom side Emergency Escape HatchMetal Tubing used where possible Sliding rear window for ventilation 1800 RPM MAX engine speed to increase fuel efficiency Energy efficient closed loop drive system(pump for each track)Gullwing access door foreasy maintainenceHigh temp wrap on muffler and exhaust manifold Engine divider wall to keep engine and hydraulics...

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- NEW - Extra large hydraulic oil cooler with auto-reversing fans IQAN MDL Control System m > (energy saving features, easier adjustments, easier troubleshooting and CAN networking for reduced wiring) g Large swing bearing with continuous rotation 120 US gallon fuel tank Large comfortable cab with heated air-ride seat, reduced noise levels, Rops, Ops, and Fops certified Only 3" of tailswing with 28" tracks installedFeller buncher booms for heavy attachmentsorOptional 6' squirt boom for dangle attachments 190 US gallon fuel tank Air filtering system with pressurized cabin to reduce dust Drop...

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28 Front Leveling 7а Rear Leveling Strongest & simplest 4-way leveling in the industry. 24 Tilt to both sides 4 > " Leveling pins have tapered ends to tightly secure boss retaining areas and have over 10 inches of bushing area. Smooth under-body, with recessed 1" spring-loaded panel allowing easy access for maintenance. Built-in auxilary hydraulic oil storage tank and easy to access lower fuel pump and filter. >

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725735 24 DG (600 mm)S > NA Cummins 8.3 Ԗ 300 HP SS24 volt electrical system w/ 100 amp SS Auto reversing hyd controlled rad fan SS 24 SG (600 mm)OS28Ԕ SG (700 mm)OO 36 TG (900 mm) > NA OAuto track brakesSS Variable track speed controlSS L & S forestry ԯ́ nal drives and motors SS > 725735 Voac control valves & IQAN digital control system SSAuto reversing hyd controlled cooling fan.SS60 gallon hyd oil reservoir SS10 micron return oil fi lter SS 100 mesh suction fi lter w/magnet SS Close loop drive circuit (pump for each track drive) SSDrive pump gear box cooler SSHyd tank vacuum pumpSS...

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