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Better fuel economy with faster cycle times Tier 4F / Stage 5 Compliant

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Loaded with Features Better Access to Control Valve Better Access to Swing Motor Isolated Electrical Compartment for ease of service and added protection. Front Platform for Service Rubber Belting Protection Added to Boom and Gullwing to Reduce Debris in Engine and Hydraulic Compartments. Cummins L9 Series Engine - 338HP with simple Single Module DOC/DPF/SCR unit Hydraulic componets easily accessible for service Easy Access to Major Components. (Starter, Alternator, Filters) Energy Recovering Hydrostatic Swing Pump Gullwing Rear Door Provides Platform for Service. Larger Windows for...

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New Modern Design • New improved boom debris deflection system to better shed forest debris away from internal compartments. • Feller buncher booms for heavy fixed attachments or Optional Harvester Boom Set with 6' Squirt High Output LED lighting Rops, Ops, and Fops certified cab with three escape routes. Plus an Optional 4 point seat harness also available. Air filtering system with pressurized cabin to reduce dust New and improved hydaulic cylinders. 1.25” lexan window standard Large swing bearing with continuous rotation powered by an energy recovering hydrostatic swing system. Leveling...

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Strong & Agile 7° Rear Leveling 28° Front Leveling 24° Tilt to both sides • Strongest & simplest 4-way leveling in the industry. 4.5" pin with tapered retention system. • Larger pin and Improved pin retention system. Providing longer life, better reliability and easier service. • Smooth under-body, with recessed 1" spring-loaded panel allowing easy access for maintenance. • (Optional) Winch Assist / Tethering Hitch available on the 11' 2" Carbody • Leveling lower frames feature hydraulic oil storage tank, a new improved Raptor high flow fuel pump and tool sto

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Feature Options Hydraulics Parker control valves K220/L90 IQAN 10" MD4 HD control system Cummins L9 – 350 HP (performance option) 24 volt electrical system w/ 100 amps Implement Pump - 175cc (performance option) Auto reversing - Variable speed fan Swing Pump - 90cc (Hydrostatic) Espar Pre-heater with timer Drive Pumps - Dual 90cc (Hydrostatic) Disc Saw Pump - 60cc (Variable Piston) Carbody & Track Options 9'5" (2.86m) TN (Non-Leveling) - Narrow w/24” (600 mm) Shoes 9'8" (2.94m) TL (Leveling) - Narrow w/24” (600 mm) Shoes 11' 2" (3.4m) TL (Leveling) - Wide w/24” (600 mm) Shoes Hyd tank...

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Specifications Non-Leveling (Machine weights are approximate “woods ready” without attachment) Lift Capacities: Feller Buncher Booms: (7.2 m) 23.9’ 9,220 lbs (4,182 kg) (6.1 m) 20’ 12,800 lbs (5,806 kg) (4.6 m) 15’ 17,340 lbs (7,865 kg) (3.0 m) 10’ 25,580 lbs (11,603 kg) Transport height can be reduced by leveling cab forward SPECIFICATIONS: TL725D - 61,934 lbs (28,093 kg) (Machine weights are approximate “woods ready” without attachment) TimberPro Inc. 1407 Industrial Dr. Shawano WI 54166 US

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